July 19, 2024

17 Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Here at WDL we like to keep you posted on everything about Web Design, creativity and inspiration. And we also like to present you talented and inspiring designers, illustrators and artists. Today we gathered a list of designers you should know. Along with their bio, we will show their workspace, so you can check out other designer’s setups. Feel free to leave a comment and a pictures of your workspace.

Romina Kavcic

Romina Kavcic is the owner of Nueva, design studio based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has a love for creativity, technology, trends and users. When not thinking about design she’s geeking out over films or wondering in nature.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Megan Robichaud

Megan is a graphic designer and illustrator from [Hampton] New Brunswick, Canada, currently living in the beautiful city of Vancouver. She is a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver’s Graphic Design program, working as a freelance designer and illustrator. Megan is pretty excited by most things design-related, but she is particularly captivated by illustration and package design.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Caitlin McEvoy

Taking particular interest in hand-drawn lettering and typographic illustration, Caitlin McEvoy is a graphic design enthusiast of many years. A creative type from a young age, Caitlin has taught herself everything she knows about good design. Design, in all its forms, is the core of her day-to-day operations; always striving to better her knowledge and skills. Currently dividing time between University life in Hull and home life in rural Leicestershire, Caitlin lives a content lifestyle working as a freelance designer as and when the right project comes along.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Lucie Karásková

“I’m 21 years old iOS designer from Prague, Czech Republic. I’m specialized in Icons and UI design. Lover of good food, porsche cars and apple things :)”

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Adham Dannaway

Adham Dannaway is a User Interface Designer with a passion for designing clean and functional user experiences. Also an avid Front End Developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Loves HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, jQuery, trance music and Star Wars. Catch him at adhamdannaway.com or on Twitter – @AdhamDannaway, Facebook or Dribbble.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Tais Horta Trovão

Freelancer graphic and textile-pattern designer based in San Francisco, California. Tais works with Letterpress printings, Business cards, Identities, Packaging, Wedding invitations, Textile-pattern designs.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Osvaldas Valutis

Osvaldas Valutis was born in the summer of 88″ and currently lives in beautiful Klaipėda, Lithuania. Since 2003 he has been a web designer who specializes in website design, typography and front-end development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Timothy Whalin

Timothy Whalin is a strategy-focused interaction designer based in Denver, Colorado, using user experience to solve business problems and create engaging user interfaces. He is a mobile UX designer at Deloitte Digital.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Callum Chapman

Callum Chapman is a user interface designer from the UK, and has been running Circlebox Creative for the past 4 years. He is also currently working on his side-project called DRINK Manchester whilst traveling with his MBP and Canon SLR.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Linda Eliasen

Description by Linda:

Notable things:
Desktop backgrounds: neil armstrong suiting up for Apollo 11, and a nasa wind tunnel control room.
Standard apple setup with the retina display and my spaceship of a mouse – the logitech MX I think. I do all my everything with that mouse. She’s a doll.

Folder where I manage my projects in real life! I don’t use digital software or apps to organize my projects – this method works best for me. I have 1 index card dedicated to a project. the index card has a to-do list on it for that project, and a short list of things i need to know about it. then i paperclip all associating documents/sketches/comps/printouts/ etc to that index card.
pencil holder with: Kind bar, nail file, clippers, tweezers, and floss (a girl’s gotta be prepared). Paper clips, tiny notebooks, index cards, field notes pencils, fancy copiic pens, and notes stuck to it: the current type/margin standard sizes i’m using for codecademy’s site

Coffee mug from batdorf & branson, my favorite Atlanta roaster. LWYD coasters to give to people who are fans of tacos and letterpresses things (these people are hard to come by). Brown bag full of goodies from russanddaughters (left as a surprise by a very sweet friend), orange notebook, sanrio stationery, kindle, a book about Sagan’s golden voyager record, and a book about an artist turned astronaut.

Minty green post-its.
Aeron chair. so ugly, but so damn comfortable.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Alex Riegert-Waters

“Alex Riegert-Waters graduated from the University of Arizona in 2009 with a BFA in Visual Communication. His interests include drawing, breakfast cereal regardless of what time it is, color, and growing and maintaining a beard. He currently works for (Moxie Sozo) in Boulder, Colorado and is focused on becoming more awesome.”

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces


I’m a designer of digital products in his late 20s who is a little too into simplicity and pixel-perfection. I studied interactive visual imaging and photography in Missouri, and somehow ended up in foggy San Francisco designing things for companies like Fitbit, Pinterest, One Kings Lane, Zendesk…

I am currently running my small digital product design studio named 34 West Co in San Francisco where we partner with smaller teams to simplify the relationships between humans and computers.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Marcos Torres

“I’m a Graphic Artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I’m also a contributor for Abduzeedo, doing some tutorials and design related posts.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Keith Davis Young

“Growing up deep in the verdant bosom of Bryan,TX, art came as natural to Keith Davis Young as sitting on porches and catching lightning bugs. After picking up a degree from Baylor University and getting his fill of fluorescent lighting, boardrooms, and 5 years in ad agency experience, he struck out on his own as a full-time freelancer.

Now specializing in design, photography, and bear hugs.

His photographic work has been featured in many interesting publications, including but not limited to magazines like Vice, Dazed, Frankie, Wilder Quarterly, Mint, Huh, Slice, Positive, The Photo Album: Vol. 1, Tell Mum Everything is Ok, Austin Monthly as well as less tangible destinations like Triangle Triangle, Booooooom, The Quiet Life, and the Shashin Collective. He currently enjoys the hell out of being based in Austin, Texas with his english bulldog, Moose. He will gladly have a beer with you.”

Note: Keith recently moved his studio so he is still working on his new office. He was kind enough to send us a pic of the space and we will definitely follow up in the future to see how it ended up looking 😉

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Jason Wu

Lead product designer at Zendesk. I am a San Francisco based designer, an Apple fan, loves snowboarding, photography and believes design is delivering on simplicity and functionality.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Eva Black

I’m Eva Black, owner and graphic designer of my little Los Angeles based design studio, Eva Black Design. I began freelancing while finishing up my undergrad and have since received a BFA in Studio Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I have a love for design and a drive to create.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Jory Raphael

Jory Raphael is a designer and illustrator based in Burlington, Vermont. He specializes in the clean and usable at Sensible World, and is the co-founder of Notabli. Jory is the guy behind all of the artwork and logos for 5by5, and is the creator of the custom crafted icons at Symbolicons.

Jory’s office is in Three West Collective, an awesome co-working space in Burlington, Vermont.

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces

Designers you Should Know and their Workspaces


Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. Web writer, portuguese/english translator and co founder of @refilmagem & @mentaway Twitter: @gismullr


  1. Jenna Markowski Reply

    These work spaces all look so sleek, neat and organized! Makes me wonder how many of these designers had to do a little bit of cleaning before they sent in their photos, because Lord knows my desk looks nothing like this! At the very least, this is great inspiration to get my own work space tidied up a bit. These all look like excellent environments to foster creativity!

  2. Jonathan Versailes Reply

    Relatively un-inspiring work spaces… Tuca was right, mostly just Ikea furniture and Macbook’s. I’ve had two of the desks shown in these photos.

    In theory I should qualify as a designer with a workspace you should all know because my photos would look practically identical.

    Pretty lame blog post.

  3. GDesign Reply

    Pretentious. Geekery with all those little… toys. Too clean. What? You’re not a busy designer?

    I have a clean workstation, its not kaotic or a complete mess but its also not something I use to show off my latest Mac gear or use it as a social status thing. Its work.

    I have a gallon of water on the desk, bunch of earphones and a 20 year old pair of Sony headphones, a small WD 1tb Passport, an old flash drive, an old Logitech MX30 mouse, a kick ass Canon scanner, an old GTech drive as a PS scratch… pens, markers, and a 3-ring binder I placed pre-3hole punched paper in for sketching out ideas, taking to client meetings.

    And… everything is CLEAN, you wont find a dirty keyboard etc. but not all set up so perfectly to show off.

    Focus on your work people.

    1. Matt Reply

      I actually work better with a perfectly set up work space. I clean it up at the end of each week. Not saying these pictures weren’t propped, but some people put effort into keeping their workspaces this clean.

  4. Mark Heggan Reply

    Great post Gisele, and I’m certainly not jealous at all of all the great designer workspaces at all, in any way…I promise!!

    Osvaldas, that roof terrace looks like an insane place to draw inspiration from!!

  5. Christine Whone Reply

    What’s up with all the workspace haters in the comments?
    Haters gonna hate I guess. 😛

    So anyway, I’m a lover not a hater and I love everyone’s workspace, but my favourites are Love Eva Black and Jory Raphael’s desks. Love Eva’s down to basics interior decorating theme. Simple wood chair, framed art resting on the floor, basic desk and shelving units – so cute!

    Jory’s space is neat simply because of the exposed brick, everywhere! Oh, and gotta love those rafters too.

    Here’s a photo of my workspace over at Actually (www.actuallywecreate.com)

  6. Julián Reply

    Really nice workspaces, inspiration for designing our own !
    Really cool article, thanks !

    ps.Adham Dannaway’s twitter handle is bad linked, you’re missing an ‘a’ . @AdhamDannaway

  7. Ceba Reply

    For working and creating innovative designs we need to concentrate and thats what these workspaces produces such environment that helps us to concentrate on our designs.

  8. Brian Holdsworth Reply

    I really like the idea of this article, but I’m disappointing to see a lack of variation here. Designers give a lot of lip service to individuality, but these pictures all look exactly the same. Maybe that’s why any web design inspiration blog, I visit, is a sea of uniformity these days!?

  9. Derek Kimball Reply

    Jory Raphael, I’m thoroughly digging your workspace. A little ping pong would definitely come in handy to break up those long stretches at the computer.

    WebDesignLedger…I’d love to be considered in any future articles relating to designers 🙂

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