20 Beautiful Script Fonts for Your Designs

By / Apr 13, 2010 / Freebies

Since script fonts are based on the fluid stokes of natural hand writing, they’re a great way to add a personal touch to a design. The only issue I have with script fonts is that I’ve always had trouble finding good ones when I need them. Assuming you may have faced the same problem, I’ve taken the time to round up 20 beautiful script fonts for your designs.

As you’ve probably noticed we love finding and sharing freebies with our readers, especially fonts. So we hope that you find these as useful as our other font collections.

Cream Puff

script fonts


script fonts

Ball Park

script fonts


script fonts

Angel Tears

script fonts


script fonts


script fonts

Dirty and Classic

script fonts

Chopin Script

script fonts


script fonts

Black Jack

script fonts


script fonts

Machine Script

script fonts

Learning Curve

script fonts

Quigley Wiggly

script fonts


script fonts


script fonts

Wexham Script

script fonts

Honey Script

script fonts

Marketing Script

script fonts

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  • http://www.trevorhutchison.com Hutch

    I disagree, there’s no shortage of good script fonts out there:


    What I think you meant to say is it’s difficult to find good quality FREE fonts. Even some of these examples are still questionable. Check out the “O” in Carington for an obvious example. You get what you pay for.

    I would encourage all your readers to pay that little bit extra and buy your own quality fonts. They don’t have to be expensive and you can always pass the costs onto your clients.

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    Very nice collection. Thanks for sharing!

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    Keep up the good work.

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    Those are some great off the beat path fonts. Thanks.

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    I love Honey Script font.

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    Thank you for this. I was looking for searching for these and saw my twitter… good stuff I love twitter.

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    Thanks for this long list. i love Learning Curve.font

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    Thanks for these fonts! These are great for any web designer/graphic artist out there.

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    Nice list! Candice is yet another nice free font.

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    Nice fonts..but they are mostly for art designs..
    There is not font there good for web design as far as I see…
    Anyway..good for a poster or advert

  • http://www.reimaginedesigns.com Marty

    Great list!! Selfish happens to be one of my favorite fonts of all time…

  • Donjez

    I don’t usually comment on articles, but I felt like i really had to this time.

    I’ve downloaded 99.9% of the free-fonts shared here, so I decided,

    “Henry Jones is a terrifying sick typography mother hacker (first time I used this word too)”.

    The fonts shared here are 100% different from the ones shared on other blogs.

    Peace be up to you!

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