20 Inspiring Navigation Menus

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Navigation is certainly a very important part of web design and an important aspect to think about while designing a page. Today we gathered a few examples of navigation menus to show you. From clean and simple typography based menus to colorful and fixed positioned ones, there are a lot of examples to inspire you.

In Motion

In Motion is using nice and colorful icons to navigate the page.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Fixed header with clean and elegant typography based menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus

New Gotham

Another good example of effective typography based menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Drop down menu that ‘come and go’ as you need it.

Inspiring Navigation Menus
Inspiring Navigation Menus

Kenneth Cachia

Clean website with a minimalist and beautiful menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


A nice HTML5 website with a menu that allow you to drag the marker to navigate or simply click the options.

Inspiring Navigation Menus

New Citroen DS5

Another good example of hidden menu that you use it just when you need it.

Inspiring Navigation Menus
Inspiring Navigation Menus

Moment Skis

Nice and clean typography based menu. Hover it for some color effect.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Also a nice example of clean typographical menu with hover effects.

Inspiring Navigation Menus

Cameron Reynolds-Flatt

Beautiful HTML5 website with a typography based menu with hover effect. The website also have some pretty neat background transitions.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Another example of a clean menu that you can hide and use it only when needed.

Inspiring Navigation Menus
Inspiring Navigation Menus


MAD is also using a menu that you can hide to have a better view of the page.

Inspiring Navigation Menus
Inspiring Navigation Menus

Carter Digital

A cool single page design with nice typographic based menu. Scroll down a little bit and the menu stays in a fixed position.

Inspiring Navigation Menus
Inspiring Navigation Menus

3Degrees Design Agency

Clean and elegant typographical menu with hover effects.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


divups offers different options to please different users. You can scroll down to check the parallax scrolling effect, you can also choose the fixed header menu or the side menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus

Chimp Chomp

Another beautiful example of typography based menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Simple and colorful header menu.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Nice colors and typography. Menu also has hover effects.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


Clean design with a minimalistic menu and a nice background animation.

Inspiring Navigation Menus

hering berlin

Beautiful minimalist design with super clean typography based menus.

Inspiring Navigation Menus


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  • http://jasimmk.com Jasim Muhammed

    Wow Gr8 collections :)

    I like the New Citroen one with the “Parellelogram”. Its amazing.
    The MAD one too

    I have one site for recommentation which display good navigational menus

  • http://creatiface.com Thoriq

    Great collection, I really like the Analog navigation. Simple, intuitive and colorful.

    I’ve also collected some of my navigation inspiration here: http://creatiface.com/web-design/e-commerce-website . You might also want to see it

  • http://www.morganandme.net Website Design Singapore – Morgan & Me Creative

    They’re all so great, am finding trouble trying to pick out the best one!

  • http://www.aledesign.it aledesign.it

    Wonderful collection! Really inspiration after see this! Thanks for sharing. I like design by MAD, and choice of colours by Carter Digital.

  • http://www.btdesign.es/ diseño zaragoza

    Great stuff!, I really enjoy it with your recommendations. Thanks.

  • http://www.squareonemd.co.uk Elliott the web design guy

    Nice examples, not so sure I understand Mad though? Why would you want to hide the menu, none of the pages benefit from hiding it :-S

  • http://www.mailette.com adam

    nice collection, always loved Citroen’s sites!

    The map on here (although flash) is very unique & fun http://www.citroen.com/

  • http://dazsnow.com Darryl Snow

    In Motion = goatse?

    • Mave

      I was thinking the exact same thing, Darryl. Unfortunate choice of imagery.

  • http://www.websolutionspk.com Muhammad Umair Khan

    Hey thats awesome collection of navigation i like the MAD and Citroen.

    Please keep posting.

  • http://www.climaxmedia.com/ Toronto Web Development

    The MAD navigation is silly fresh. Analog is really nice as well. The trick is to be unique without re-inventing the wheel, per say. You never want a navigation to be completely off the wall just for the sake of standing out. A nav’s primary purpose is functional. Unique aesthetics is a bonus (if you can pull it off tastefully).

  • http://www.icwebdesign.co.uk IC Web Design

    Sparks website concept of the turing heads is fantastic!

  • http://www.yastech.ca Saskatoon Web Design

    The sparksonline.com menu has inspired me. To Photoshop I go!

  • http://www.ashliewebb.co.uk?utm_medium=comment&utm_campaign=spread%2Bthe%2Bword Ashlie Webb

    Great lot of examples here. I love all your collections. Thanks!

  • http://www.spinxwebdesignflorida.com/ Web Design Florida

    Nice example of website navigations, it shows the expertise of website designer. Nice post thanks for share

  • http://www.pooplist.net Mark Zip

    How many of these work if you have scripting turned off?
    I stopped after the first 5. Sure, they look nice if you have scripting on, but I wish they degraded more gracefully than they do.
    Ans I didn’t ever *start* down the road of screen readers…

    • http://www.arnaud-tanielian.fr Arnaud Tanielian

      @Mark Zip : Try Citroën DS5, it’s a full JS non-obstrusive 😉 Non-optimised, but works !

  • http://www.webdesigntaiwan.com David

    Like the MAD architecture menu – but not sure how functional that is …. then I suppose my Mum for example probably wouldn’t be looking at such a site 😉


  • http://www.tidydesign.com/ Tidy Design

    A very nice collection – Great inspiration, thank you :)