July 24, 2024

20 New Examples of Minimal Websites

As we mentioned in our last showcase of minimal web designs back in May, minimal layouts are the new black and we are glad about that cause this way we can show you more and more new and inspiring minimal websites. Today we decided to gather a new list of fresh minimal websites to inspire our readers, so enjoy it and remember, less is more.

Pure – Minimal WordPress theme






us design studio


Hocus Focus






Aker Brydge








Daily – Dustin Heerkens


Studio Antwork


François Deladerrière


Grain & Gram


Andfold Studio


Ryan Todd


Chance Graham






Fox Johnston



The Best Designs
Minimal Sites

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  1. Jeremy Hawes Reply

    Some nice designs, but I’m not sure I would call many of these “minimal.” Some are just video sites and some are not even sites, but Template designs.

  2. Tristar Web Design Reply

    I’m a huge fan of minimalist web design, and the ones that have been picked out here are brilliant. My Favourites have to be vnsaga, grain and gram, Assembly and Hocus Focus, all incorporate an eye catching colour in with the white and grey to bring the design off the screen

    1. Erin Reply

      In my mind, minimal websites are supposed to help us achieve a purpose, by getting rid of all the unnecessaries. A website should be functional and practical, while appealing to the user. I like the ones you picked because they are accessible, whereby challenging the viewer, turning minimal into difficult to navigate, seems to be self-defeating. There’s a fine line between abstraction and successful minimal implementation and these guys got it.

  3. LEBgeek Reply

    what do you mean by minimal website? i only see the first one, pure and infinise that has minimalist design, the other still depend on RICH graphics.
    those site wont attract you if the pics is not good.

    so, it’s NOT minimalist.. i think.

    1. @cylinderhead Reply

      Agreed! Nizo, Chance Graham, Infinise yes – the rest are not minimal, some are very busy and crowded.

  4. Benjamin Ulrich Reply

    Another huge fan of minimalism, I am impressed by some of the sites listed. Some are already too busy to actually qualify for minimalism in my books. Minimalism is one of those things that’s rathto get JUST right, and my efforts in minimalism have been limited to one site, which is moderately successful. Respect to anyone that can balance minnimalism with functionality from my end.

  5. web design Reply

    I agree with commentors above, some of the designs can’t be called “minimal” design.

    Infinise is best of them as far as real minimal designs are concerned in my opinion.

  6. Lex Koff Reply

    Adore minimalism ! So simple and viewer friendly. Humbly hoping that big players would use more this style. I guess Google is a nice example of being simple while performing complicated things… at least it used to be like that.

  7. uh Reply

    I personally am tired of “minimal” designs. It has been done to death. Time for something new and fresh.

  8. Christian Reply

    I think that the fact that most of the designs contain photos is confusing people. You should show these sites with no content. The navigation is trim and there are no other global elements. Minimalism is great when it is a design that takes everything out of the way of the user that keeps them from accomplishing the primary purpose. Most of the above designs fail to do that. Just because they are slim, doesn’t mean they are minimal. To find the links, I have to work hard. That is just fail. And can anyone defend Chance Graham? That is not a design for any screen I want to work with. No information is shared especially due to the fact that the alt text covers the name of the navigation. Did he even test that?

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