200+ Beautiful Seamless Patterns Perfect for Web Design

By / Feb 3, 2009 / Freebies

Seamless patterns are a great way to add a big impact to a web design without a lot of effort. Here are 223 of them that are absolutely beautiful. Whether you use patterns to fill the entire background of your site or just a specific area of your design, you will definitely find these useful.

GypsyGarden (1 pattern)


Pattern 2 (14 patterns)

Pattern 2

Patterns 2 (6 patterns)

Patterns 2

Textured Stripes (6 patterns)

Textured Stripes

My first photoshop pattern (4 patterns)

My first photoshop pattern

pattern part1 (9 patterns)

pattern part1

Patterns .24 (33 patterns)

Patterns .24

Lace Patterns: the prelude (6 patterns)

Lace Patterns: the prelude

Untitled patterns 03 (12 patterns)

Untitled patterns 03

Patterns .23 (33 patterns)

Patterns .23

Green Patterns (6 patterns)

Green Patterns

Patterns .27 (50 patterns)

Patterns .27

Patterns 3 (6 patterns)

Patterns 3

Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen (11 patterns)

Softly Plaidly- Peachy Keen

black – white patterns (13 patterns)

black - white patterns

PINKgossip_04 patterns (13 patterns)

PINKgossip_04 patterns

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

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