21 Amazing Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs

By / Jul 2, 2012 / Inspiration

As a web designer, sometimes it can be tempting to try to incorporate the latest and greatest, trendy eye candy into a design. Or use a complex color palette. Doing this will often result in a web site that looks over designed and distracts from what’s most important – the content. More often than not, you’ll discover that it’s much better to take a minimalistic approach. So for today, we gathered 21 Stunning Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs to inspire your for your next project.

Mindful – Minimal WordPress Theme


White Usage in Web Design

Daniel Gray

White Usage in Web Design

Fearon Hay Architects

White Usage in Web Design

Patrick Algrim

White Usage in Web Design

Harlo Interactive

White Usage in Web Design

Evolution Bureau

White Usage in Web Design

Campaign Monitor

White Usage in Web Design


White Usage in Web Design

Filip Slovacek

White Usage in Web Design

Olivier Staub

White Usage in Web Design


White Usage in Web Design


White Usage in Web Design


White Usage in Web Design

Chris Linden

White Usage in Web Design

Reaching Quiet

White Usage in Web Design

Visual Supply Co

White Usage in Web Design

Frederic Christian

White Usage in Web Design


White Usage in Web Design

Studio Saus

White Usage in Web Design

Les Evades

White Usage in Web Design

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  • Julien

    Thank You Gisele, very good choice as usual !

  • http://www.tone.co.uk Anthony

    Another great list Gisele. Keep ’em coming!

  • http://www.stromdesign.com www.stromdesign.com

    Yes, simple is better in every where. And one of another example is Facebook. Gisele, why not count Facebook in your list?

    • http://ajtroxell.com AJ Troxell

      I think minimal is figured based on content as well as design. If this is the case, Facebook does not qualify., it’s design may be simplistic but with the mess of content that shows from every angle, i feel as though it is anything but minimalistic.

  • http://www.lexolutionit.com/ Maneet Puri

    Really nice Giesele! Clean and minimal seems so soothing to human eyes. I find websites full of unnecessary content, images and even ads, which is really disturbing. Locating a home button is much difficult than searching for content on a website. Your post and the websites showcased above are really inspirational. Keep up the good work :)

  • Raulon

    Nice designs, but I don’t understand why you always pick vertical scroll websites and never responsive sites. I’m shure if you have tested some of this works on a phone you didn’t show them here

  • http://molbal.co.cc molbal

    Hmm, I think my website would fit in the collection: http://molbal.co.cc/
    It’s not as high quality as them, but it is at least as creative as them.

    • http://www.iamthelab.com BT

      I totally agree. I love your site!

  • http://peterbrazier.co.uk Peter

    I am a massive fan of bold minimal web design and would have to say that the Hochburg site won me other in this article!

  • http://www.earlvarona.com Earl Varona


  • http://www.webtemplates-creare.com/ Paul Weston

    Thought this was a very interesting and inspiring collection you have put together and there are some amazing sites. I have seen a few articles you have published and this has to be one of the best yet. I love every site you have included and they all have aspects that I fond inspiring from both a design and development point of view. The site that really stood out for me was the open121 site with its clean professional look and feel through the design and user interaction. I really liked how the the different sections get pulled in. I also liked the Olivier Staub site with the clean navigation and use of background images, it had that minimal feel but done in a different way. Great article and I look forward to more like this from yourself

  • http://www.haartyhanks.com/ Haarty Hanks

    Great list. As a web designer, I am impress with all of that. I like the Minimalist design.

  • http://www.fredericchristian.de Frederic Christian

    Thanks a lot guys! Really great list at all! (:

  • http://www.designturnpike.com Design Turnpike

    In all of these examples, great photography is key.

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    Great list. I like the Minimalist design.

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    nice collection. .i hope my site will present here soon. .