21 Best Icon Sets for Designing Web Apps

By / Jan 2, 2009 / Freebies

When designing a web application, it’s important to make sure the user interface is easy to use. Using icons along side navigation links is one key ingredient to achieving this. But Instead of creating icon sets from scratch, which can be very time consuming, why not use icons that have already been created for you. Here are some of the best icon sets out there for use in web application designs.

Jonas Rask Design Icons for Developers

Jonas Rask Design Icons for Developers



Tango Icon Library

Tango Icon Library

Aesthetica Icons

Aesthetica Icons

Diagona Icons by pinvoke

Diagona Icons

Fugue Icons by pinvoke

Fugue Icons



Web Application Icons Set

Web Application Icons Set

Coquette Icons

Coquette Icons

Free web development icons #4 SE

Free web development icons #4 SE

Developpers Icons

Developpers Icons

Knob Buttons Toolbar icons

Knob Buttons Toolbar icons

Simplistica Icons

Simplistica Icons

Function Icon Set

Function Icon Set









Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

Monofactor Vector Icons

Monofactor Vector Icons

IVista Icon Pack 2

IVista Icon Pack 2

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    THEODIN – Glad you like them. That is exactly why I created this post. It seems like most of the icons you see today look amazing, but have limited “real world” use. These look great and can be used in many different kinds of applications.

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    Thank you for assembling this resource! I am going to use Simplistica for a project here in Japan. By the way, I got here via Douglas Karr’s blog.

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    Milky, Fresh and Simplicio are one of my favourites. Good choice.

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  • http://icons.mysitemyway.com Roger

    You may also want to check out http://icons.mysitemyway.com. Close to 4,000 free icons in sets of at least 140 icons per set. Free for commercial use. No attribution required. Can use contact form on site to request free PSD’s so you can create your own.

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    […] many different sizes and styles, some are flat and solid colors, while others can be very detailed. Icons in web design are often used to enhance content and navigation, but the ones in this post are so detailed that […]

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