21 Inspiring Design Agency Websites

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From time to time we like to check out how design agencies (studios, firms, etc.) showcase their design skills in their websites. It’s always nice to see how designers and other creative professionals are presenting themselves to us, so today we gathered a few inspiring examples from places around the world to show you. From parallax scrolling and fixed menus to textured backgrounds and super clean layouts, you will see a lot of different approaches.

Socket Studios

London, UK
Socket Studios is the work of London based designer and web developer Paul Macgregor.

Design Agencies Websites


Baltimore, USA
Let’s face it, folks — we love design. It’s the number one reason why there is a Drexler.

Design Agencies Websites


Copenhagen, Denmark
B14 is a full service strategic design bureau that works within identity, design and communication.

Design Agencies Websites


San Francisco, USA
Character is a San Francisco-based, independent creative agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands.

Design Agencies Websites


Copenhagen, Denmark

Design Agencies Websites

Ombres et Lumieres

Montreal, Canada

Design Agencies Websites

Carnation Group

Budapest, Hungary
We deliver digital creative solutions for curious clients for over 15 years.

Design Agencies Websites


Paris, France

Design Agencies Websites


Bialystok, Poland

Design Agencies Websites

Agência Gênia

Itu, Brazil

Design Agencies Websites


Madrid, Spain

Design Agencies Websites


Koszalin, Poland
Our services are mainly based on Internet and multimedia technologies.

Design Agencies Websites


Turin, Italy
We do web, mobile and stuff like that.

Design Agencies Websites

Duct Tape & Glitter

Wichita, USA

Design Agencies Websites

Demi Creative

Springfield, USA
We are a group of creative professionals with a passion for usability and design.

Design Agencies Websites

Studio Airport

Utrecht, The Netherlands
Studio AIRPORT is a young design-agency founded by Vincent de Boer, Maurits Wouters and Bram Broerse.

Design Agencies Websites

Full Stop

Pittsburgh, USA
A web design and development shop.

Design Agencies Websites


Braga, Portugal

Design Agencies Websites

J. Development

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jpunt is about developing cool things, and doing it the right way.

Design Agencies Websites

La Piuma

Napoli, Italy

Design Agencies Websites


Rio Claro, Brazil

Design Agencies Websites

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  • http://www.kanwalkhipple.com Kanwal Khipple

    Another fine example is http://www.brightstarr.com – they work on SharePoint based sites (intranet, extranet and internets)

  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Web design Wolverhampton

    Nobo’s website looks great!

  • http://www.knowhowsolutions.cz Jiří Malý

    Small studio/agency form Czech Republic…RAR Recommended

    Thanks for visit:)

  • http://www.demicreative.com Demi Creative

    Thanks for including http://www.demicreative.com!

  • Ogilvy Portugal: http://www.ogilvy.pt

  • http://www.newmediasources.ca new media sources

    Wow, amazingly designed websites. I look forward to seeing what is next for innovative work. Thanks for posting.

  • http://www.designturnpike.com Design Turnpike

    Oooooooo, as usual more great, thought-provoking examples. Enjoyed!

  • http://www.grandtechnologies.net Web designer Dubai

    Nice collection of agency website. Kindly post few more. Thanks a lot.

  • http://www.designknock.com Design Knock

    so much inspiring designs.

  • http://www,fusion-room.com Ben

    Very nice collection. Check out http://www.fusion-room.com Awesome Parallax

  • http://jeffreygochman.com Jeffrey

    Another good example – http://iamwebdesign.com/. Nice use of colors and animation

  • http://www.lightson-studio.co.uk Aaron @ Lights.On Studio

    Interesting to see how others showcase their work.

    Brilliant, Thank you

  • http://www.savorweb.com SavorWeb

    A great collection of agency websites. Always inspiring for our custom website design company.

  • Jimmy

    Here’s another one: http://www.elipseagency.com, all animated in HTML, no FLASH!!

  • http://www.webdesign-banbury-cg.co.uk/ Web Design Banbury

    These are brilliant. My favourites are Full Stop and Nobo, they both have very simple but effective sites. The standard of web design out there now really is exceptional. Great post!

  • http://www.dzineblog360.com waqas

    mustache…it is really cool!!

  • MikeV

    Very nice selection ! Did you see http://www.colorz.fr ?

  • http://www.lexi-soft.co.uk umesh ramidi

    fantastic collection of websites.really very nice!

  • http://blog.logoswish.com Alex

    Collection looks simple and clean. Like it. Thank you for collection.

  • http://www.wabbaly.com Sergiu

    It is nice to see the individuality of every studio. At list they keep, almost, an original approach to their online presence.