July 17, 2024

39 Fonts for Typography Fanatics (Plus Hundreds of Extras)

Do you ever find yourself lying awake at night thinking about typography? Do your friends catch you analyzing menu fonts when you’re out to dinner? If so, you may be a font fanatic.

It’s OK, I’m one too. And that’s how I know that you’re going to love this bundle just as much as I do.

Great fonts a tough to come by, and that’s especially true of great font collections. But this special pack offers a variety of fonts relevant to print, web, mobile apps, and all forms of digital/graphic design work.

This collection contains 39 of the newest and most popular fonts on the planet. It also includes hundreds of design extras like watercolor styles, vector shapes, and much more.

You’ll also receive webfonts for each typeface, plus extended licensing for every single item inside.

The best part of this bundle is if you grab it in the next couple of weeks, you’ll get everything at 96% off.

Normally all of these fonts and extras would cost you $1,008 bought individually. For a very short time you can get everything for only $39. That’s just $1 per font – not to mention all the bonus goodies!

If you’re looking for the perfect font for your next project, or just want to bolster your current collection, make sure you at least visit the bundle page now to see everything that’s included.

39 fonts bundle + extras

Grab These 39 Fonts for Typography Fanatics Now

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