40+ Vintage and Retro Photoshop Actions

By / Oct 1, 2010 / Freebies

Photoshop actions can be a huge time saver when trying to add a specific effect to a photo. Since WDL is all about helping you save time and be more productive, we’ve rounded up some Photoshop actions that should come in very useful. This particular collection is for adding a vintage or retro look to your images. There are 49 actions here, so you should be able to find several to help you achieve that perfect vintage or retro look.

photoshop actions – 139 (8 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

photoshop actions – 101 (4 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

Magical Effect 4.2 (3 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

Retro Action

vintage photoshop actions

Old Photo Action

vintage photoshop actions

sa-cool actions 1.05

vintage photoshop actions

Old style sepia effect

vintage photoshop actions

Vintagefeeling (5 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

Kitty’s Actions (7 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

Classic 3.8 (4 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

Powerful Colors 3.2 (5 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

action 009 “RETRO SPLASH”

vintage photoshop actions

Vintage Colors (8 actions)

vintage photoshop actions

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