May 28, 2024

400+ Files, Tutorials, and Inspirations for Nature Themed Design

There is a lot of focus being put on the environment today, and it is no surprise that the “going green” trend is spilling over into web design. There are so many beautiful things to be found in nature that make great design elements. This article includes web design samples for inspiration and a roundup of tutorials, textures, and brushes to help you get started in creating a nature inspired design.



Original Source

Design Disease

Viget – Inspire

Viget – Extend

Adit Shukla

MacAllan Ridge


How To: Make the Viget Inspire Background

Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Nature Inspired Painted Background in Photoshop

Create an Awesome Grass Texture in Photoshop

Autumn Leaves

How to Break Sunlight Through the Clouds


Cloud Textures 1 (18)

Texture of Nature (5)

Cloud Textures 2 (6)

Rock Textures (7)

Weird Color Cloud Textures (7)

Cloud Textures 3 (7)

Rough Textures (15)

Water Textures (4)

Water and Ice Textures (10)

Swamp Water Textures (7)

Brushes and Vectors

Vector Flowers (3)

Grass Brushes (6)

Cactus Brushes (24)

Nature Brushes (7)

Vector Foliage Brushes (35)

Floral Photoshop Brushes (10)

Tree Brushes (8)

Flora Exotica (170)

Complete Tree Brush Pack (40)


  1. Ricks Reply

    Great compilation! I really like the cloud textures in this list, and there are some awesome sites that I haven’t seen like the Adit Shukla website! Great stuff

  2. Jennifer Chiappisi Reply

    @Mike Houghton

    Actually, I think they are very two very different sites ( vs. Navigation, foliage, placement of the logos, colors/styles on the headers, the subnavs, and the footers are entirely different just to name a few from a quick glance.

    The only thing that I view that is SIMILAR is the grass/dirt effect that goes horizontally across the page as a background. Furthermore, that ‘effect’ or thought has been used over & over again on many different websites.

    I believe the only reason you’re miffed Mr. Houghton, is because he might have used the same idea you had for a site; but he executed it much better imho.

  3. Kyle Reply

    I’m disappointed with this post. I was hoping Web Design Ledger would provide something more valuable than more “Here are a TRILLION tutotials on !”, like Smashing Magazine.

    A lot of professional web developers simply don’t have time to explore these posts in detail. The most valuable service a web-design blog can provide is *filtering* out all the cruft.

    Anyone can search Google for “design inspiration” and post 400 links on their blog. I would like to see someone post LESS links — “Top 5 hand-picked sources for nature themed design”, for example.

    Not trying to hate on this blog — I really do like it ­čÖé I just *really* don’t want WDL to become another bloated, lame Smashing Magazine.

  4. Jefferson Reply

    I believe I have seen the Viget-Extend/Taproot Creative style at least 20 times in the last 5 years with a variety of themes. With all due respect it is not a groundbreaking, original idea.

  5. Kelly Post author Reply

    @Kyle – No worries. I don’t think you are trying to hate on WDL. We understand your concerns, but I can assure you that we don’t want this site to be like all of the others. Our main goal is to provide useful info for you and other web designers. We don’t plan on doing tons of articles like this, but we realize that some find them useful.

    We really appreciate your feedback.

  6. Emma Reply

    Well, since I’m not a “professional” web designer, I do happen to like all the different things listed here.
    Once I become a “professional” at anything, I will know enough not to worry about somebody’s long list. I will be grateful to be able to get something for free.

  7. Jake Reply

    Beautiful stuff.

    I agree with the concern that there is a lot of filler. However, even if I don’t follow the links or work through the tutorials, it’s nice even just to see the thumbnail to get a sort of inspiration from all the different styles.

    Maybe a happy medium for this would a “top five” at the beginning, then post the rest afterwards?

    Either way, there is definitely some great stuff here, thanks for posting it!!

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