May 27, 2024

50 Modern Examples of Thin Line Icons

Icon design is a top-tier skill comparable to calculus: there are prerequisites for both that you must learn beforehand. For math these include operators, variables, and deductive reasoning. For icon design you need to learn color, shape, and form to eventually create quality work.

Line icons have bridged the gap to make practicing & learning a tad bit easier. Designers can practice line icons without needing a lot of detail in shading or color. If the proportions look good and the shape is recognizable then it’s a useable icon.

This gallery offers a sample of how you might start practicing to improve your own skills. Learn from these iconsets by following the thin line style and see how you might implement a similar technique in your own workflow.

Maintenance Icons

thin construction icons

Healthy Tools

doctor health icons

White Lines

thin white line icons

Gym Workout Set

pt gym icons

Circle Icons

green white circle icons

Commerce Icons

business commerce icons

Banner Graphics

thin white graphics banner


monoweight line icons set


clean blueprint icons

Dark Mobile GUI

dark mobile gui icons examples

Small Lines

small rounded lines


caviar fastbite icons


thin finance icons

“Your Move” Icons

your move iconset

Science Iconset

science icons thin clean style

Vector Lines

dark vector line icons


elections voting colorful icons

Thin Line Icons

thin white lines

Media Icons

orange clean media icons

Hiring Icons

hiring process icons

Colorful Shadows

colored thin flat icons

Chipotle Cultivate Festival

food icons thin style

Huffington Post Icons

huffpo iconset design

Section Icons

sample section ui icons

Presentation Icons

presentation icons html

Personal Branding

personal dark branded icons

Sky Bet Offices

office yellow golden icons

Colorful Bright Icons

bright colors simple icons

Network Icons

simple thin line icons

PS4 Thin Controller

sony ps4 controller icon

Set of Icons

thin set of icons design

Music Items

musical icons colors

Dark Black Icons

simple thin line icons

Athletic Sports

simple line sport icons

Thin Blues

simple blue icons flat


thin mono weight icons

Camping & Outdoors

thin iconset camping

Construction Building

construction thin building icons

Clean Monuments

thin colorful monument icons

Zodiac Icons

thin colorful zodiac icons

Video Production

video production iconset


thin line colorful icons

Mobile App Iconset

thin mobile icon set

Outdoor Recreation

outdoor hiking thin icons

Marketing Iconset

bright flat thin icons

Medical Iconset

clean thin white med icons

Construction Iconset

construction thin blue icons

SpiceWorld Icons

clean thin spice world icons


bankin icons thin lines


alpine hike iconset


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