80+ Photoshop Actions for Giving Your Pictures a Vintage Look

By / Jan 11, 2010 / Freebies

Photoshop actions are great. With just a click of a button you can apply a complicated effect to a photo instantly. One of the most popular type of actions is the vintage or retro style. With the popularity of vintage-inspired Instagram filters and film emulation, the older style is desired with many photos. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality Photoshop actions that will help you to get vintage effects quickly and easily. In this article, I’ve rounded up over eighty Photoshop actions that will add very cool vintage or retro effects to your photos.

Instagram Filters (13 actions)

Instagram Filters

Lomocam (10 actions)


Lomo Action

Lomo Action

Hard Lomo Action

Hard Lomo Action



Vintage Light Leak Action

Vintage Light Leak Action

Vintage Heaven Action

Vintage Heaven Action

Vintage Dream Action

Vintage Dream Action

Retro Cross Action

Retro Cross Action

Vintage Matte Action

Vintage Matte Action

Faded Film Action

Faded Film Action

Old Film Action

Old Film Action

Retro Style Actions (10 actions)

Retro Style Actions

Instant Hipster (10 actions)

Instant Hipster

Prestalgia (10 actions)


Vintage Gold Action

Vintage Gold Action

Aged Black & White Action

Aged Black & White Action

Glory Days

Glory Days Action

Vintage Actions (7 actions)

Vintage Actions

Muted Colors Vintage Action

Muted Colors Vintage Action

Old Tones (6 actions)

Old Tones Actions

Vintage-Inspired Actions (4 actions)

Vintage-Inspired Actions

Minty Tint Vintage Action

Minty Vintage Action

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  • http://www.jordanwalker.net Jordan Walker

    Very helpful.

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    great action resources. Thanks

  • http://www.tutsbot.com TutsBot

    Thnaks for this huge ammount of actions :) !

  • Brandon

    Do any of these actions replicated the “cross-processing” filter that’s built into Paintshop Pro XI and XII? That single filter, which emulates the enhances contrast and saturation you get by processing film as a slide (or vice versa) resulting in a cool 70s look is SO important to my photo style, I haven’t been able to fully move to Photoshop for fear of giving it up. ideas?

  • http://sexidesign.com Melody

    Cool, they add instant age to these photos..will definitely try them out..

  • http://n/a bronwyn

    designing is becoming way. too. easy for people. i swear its like the time autotune was created.. now anyone can make just about anything.. UGH.

    *goes back to coding on notepad, and mocking up on a pad of paper*

  • http://free-textures.net Free Textures

    I’m trying to build a nice repository of actions, layer styles, etc. This is a nice collection.

  • Brandon S. Adkins

    The thing that gets me about some of these – is that some of the people that have created these try to claim copyright to photoshop actions (?!) – and say that they can’t be used outside of deviantart.

    I believe that’s bullcrap. Actions are not like brushes and the like, they are simply a set of steps – if I use my own techniques to achieve the same look – are they going to come after me for using their “copyrighted” set of steps? It’s bull.

  • http://www.vunkyblog.net Vunky

    I haven’t seen “photoshop actions ā€“ 136″ before. Downloaded it asap.

    Nice list!

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    Great stuff! just what iā€™m looking for. Thank you for sharing these photoshop actions to everyone.

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    Nice, bookmarked

  • http://zinecreative.com Zine Creative

    love the Vintage meets lomo ps action! thanks a bunch!

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    The pictures are unbelievably gorgeous! excellent!

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    Beautiful vintage tutorials!

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    Great for the consumer that wants just a little bit more. Thanks for posting! :)

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    Great set of tutorials. Thanks for sharing.

  • http://cargocollective.com/LynetsArt Lynet Witty

    Ummm, some of these links go to a DevianArt page that aren’t available–therefore there are no actions šŸ˜‰ can you please fix these? This a really good list of actions for Photoshop. thanks.

  • Fox

    This page would be wonderful if the DeviantArt links worked. Hope that these can be fixed soon. Thanks!

  • http://www.pixelpixelpixel.com Casey

    Great post! Really needed one of these effects today.

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    Hi guys,
    Great list I have some free filter downloads on my site you may want to check out, or feature here. I’m trying to share the love!


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