July 15, 2024

A Look at Starbucks’ Holiday Design Beyond the Red Cups

Starbuck makes a large investment in design themes every year during the holidays by creating new custom graphics throughout their website to promote their holiday collections of coffee flavors, gifts, and specialty, holiday blend coffee. The entire design is projected on more than just their online store, Starbucks goes above and beyond to create an experience. Their annual holiday coffee flavors, festive interior decor, and infamous red cups trigger excitement online and in store.

Starbuck’s recent red cup scandal has been met with much controversy only to be followed with the #ItsJustACup mocking the controversy. This is the largest protest on minimal design seen yet. The cups are being criticized on being too basic. Their website reflects the same happy medium of minimalist design that Starbucks featured on their cups. The single black background gives more focus on the product. You still see the same whimsical, Holiday/Christmas spirit on some of the product in Starbucks’ Holiday eStore, but with a tasteful take on the holiday theme.

Starbucks Holiday 4

Starbucks Holiday 1 Starbucks Holiday 2

The flat design is especially noticeable in comparison to their very VERY Merry Holiday design featured on their website in 2014.

Starbucks’ Holiday Design 2014


Starbucks’ Holiday Design 2015Starbucks Holiday 3
Starbuck flat design logoWe continue to see the adaptation towards flat design dating back to Starbucks’ logo redesign. This progression toward minimalism only seems natural when considering their latest web and cup design. Like it or not, the “simple” design of the web, print collateral and yes…even the red cups are a sign of the times and the continuing trend of flat design.

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