A Showcase of Fantastic Footer Designs

By / Aug 21, 2009 / Inspiration

Website footers have become more than just a place to put the copyright information and a few links. Now web designers are making full use of the footer as way to keep the visitor on the site longer. You will see from the examples below that this can be achieved by using clever placement of graphics and design elements along side links to additional content.

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Footer Designs

The Photo Argus

Footer Designs


Footer Designs


Footer Designs


Footer Designs

Sprocket House

Footer Designs

Media140 London

Footer Designs

Edgepoint Church

Footer Designs

Blog Amuki

Footer Designs

Biola Undergrad

Footer Designs

Brad Candullo

Footer Designs

CSS Tricks

Footer Designs


Footer Designs

Jason Santa Maria

Footer Designs

Sam Rayner

Footer Designs

Orman Clark

Footer Designs

Revive Africa

Footer Designs


Footer Designs

R.U.4 Children

Footer Designs

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Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of WDL and ThemeTrust.

  • http://www.shicksdesign.com/onlifeanddesign Sarah Lynn

    Great collection here. I really love Biola’s website. Beautiful illustrations as well as a useful footer. Thanks :)

  • http://onwired.com/about/tony-chester Tony Chester

    Some great footers here. Great topic as well. Footers are sort of a lost art but they’re making a comeback.

    We’ve got a fetish for footers ourselves over at http://footerfetish.com

  • http://www.kamikazemusic.com Dave Sparks

    Hi Henry, nice post, it’s interesting to see what people are doing with what were previously throw away page elements.

    I think this is the first footer round up I’ve seen that doesn’t mention elliotjaystocks.com and his oversized search boxed.

  • http://www.rethinkseo.com Sean Hurley

    These are great examples of footers and shows just how important it is for a site to do it properly.

  • http://www.tinypint.com Bob Orchard

    Orman’s preview picture links to Sam Rayner’s website, just an FYI – but I love the collection!

  • http://www.bebop-ad.com BebopDesigner

    Brilliant work! Very inspiring… thanks for sharing!

  • http://zhephree.com Geoff

    http://www.leftforread.com has a nice footer that combines data with design.

  • http://wp.contempographicdesign.com Chris Robinson

    Nice roundup

  • http://www.fordoing.co.uk Harry Ford

    I did an interactive footer recently at http://www.fubra.com

    Inspired from many of these designs but still very different.

  • http://peterchondesign.com peter

    Footer is still the hardest part when designing a website (for me anyways).

    Thanks for the inspiration! (here’s my latest project

  • http://olog.orb.net.pl {o}

    Inspired by these and some other great footers, in my last project I’ve even made second, hidden footer ;]

  • http://www.jazzdrummerworld.com Dave

    Very nice collection …. i love beautiful footers…. and this is my footer http://www.jazzdrummerworld.com :)

  • http://www.Creamycss.com whooptube.com

    You forgot http://Creamycss.com . They have a great footer design.

  • Jamie Spenser

    Thank you for the awesome post! The collection is really useful and fresh.

    I just wonder, may I use some of the ideas while creating my own website using the services like this http://www.site2you.com ?

  • http://blog.yellowdoggdesigns.com Mark

    These have given me some inspiration in designing my blog footer.

  • http://sprockethouse.com Nathan

    Thanks for the link! Humbling to be in such distinguished company.

  • http://berenika.biz Berenika

    Thanks for inspiration, here is my blog: http://berenika.biz with an illustrated footer

  • http://www.ormanclark.com mynameisorman

    Thanks for including my footer! Much appreciated!

  • http://www.psprint.com/stickers-labels Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    It’s good to see that designers are becoming more creative with website footers. I think these sites will be very inspirational for those who are running short of ideas for creating interactive footers. Nice work.

  • http://twitter.com/thomashertkorn Thoams

    Thanks for sharing – great post!