May 29, 2024

13 Super Useful jQuery Content Slider Scripts and Tutorials

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of websites lately have a featured area with content that slides or changes in some way. This is a great technique to show several pieces of content in a limited amount of space and a good way to engage the user. If you’ve been wondering how this is accomplished, here are 13 very useful tutorials and scripts that will help you create these types of effects using jQuery.

jQuery Tools Scrollable

jQuery Sliders

AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin

jQuery Sliders

Sliding Boxes and Captions with jQuery

jQuery Sliders

Making a Content Slider with jQuery UI

jQuery Sliders

Creating a Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider

jQuery Sliders

Create Featured Content Slider Using jQuery UI

jQuery Sliders


jQuery Sliders

Moving Boxes

jQuery Sliders


jQuery Sliders


jQuery Sliders

Using the Wonderful jFlow Plugin

jQuery Sliders

Create Beautiful jQuery slider tutorial

jQuery Sliders

Step By Step To Create Content Slider using jFlow

jQuery Sliders


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  1. Giovanni Reply

    thanks for this… really really great!!! I’m happy now 😀 😀 after work i’ll get started making my site hehe 😛

  2. Erik Reply

    Nice collection. I really like Jquery and the way how one can write nice code for the websites.

    Keep adding good jquery links…

  3. sajan Reply

    Excellent collection very very useful. Thanks a lot , this will be useful not only for a newbie but also for an experienced web designer. Thanks a ton

  4. Venkat Reply

    I’ve already used JFlow, JCarousel and ScrollTo (when looked for alternative to davidwalsh’s Smooth Scrool), But I was looking for *Making a Content Slider with jQuery UI* and got it! Thank you very much!!

  5. Jason Reply

    I’d like to suggest the addition of SlideDeck to this list.

    We developed it to be a flexible solution for designers and developers, as well as for non-technical clients to maintain (in the WordPress version). You can check it out at

    We’re also working to grow the community of people using it, and offering perks like job referrals and beta invitations/sneak peeks, so if you’re interested in joining, just contact me at

  6. Sean Peterson Reply

    Really enjoyed this list thanks!

    If anybody is interested, our new site has a total of 15 different flash/jQuery animations that are incredibly easy to integrate into a site.

    Once you have created an animation simply copy and paste the line of code that is generate into your site. It’s a simple as that.

    The tutorials are really simple to follow!

    Let us know what you think.

  7. Jason Reply

    I have problem with latest jQuery version, I was playing with featured slider and calls :

    $(“#featured”).tabs({fx:{opacity: “toggle”}}).tabs(“rotate”, 5000, true);

    how to fix with latest jQuery version?

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