April 17, 2024
digital illustration tutorials

Digital Illustration Tutorials That Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level

Tutorials achieve their goal only when they are simple, concise, and offer all the information need. As graphic designers, we have to constantly be learning new tricks that could recommend us for more and important jobs. The digital illustration is a popular field among designers due to its versatile style and the freedom it offers. Today, we will take a close look at Digital Illustration Tutorials That Will Take Your Skills To the Next Level.


Tutpad is a platform where designers can share their knowledge with everybody through step-by-step tutorials. The variety of articles aim to help both beginners and experienced designers. Some of the topics they provide tutorials on are: Digital Illustration Tutorials, Animation, Photography, Typography, UX/UI, 3D, etc.. We personally find Tutpad one of the best virtual teachers and we recommend that you don’t miss it out. Below, we have cataloged some of their video tutorials, but on the website, you have access to more written tutorials. We hope that your job will become easier, by following these amazing digital illustration tutorials:

1. Illustration: Create an Ice Cream sticker


2. Illustration: Create Old School Flowers | TUTPAD


3. Illustration: Design Low Poly Cactus

4. Illustration: Design a Retro Spray Can

5. Illustration: Create a Cute Pirate

6. Illustration: Create a Cute Circus Lion

7.Illustration: Create Cozy Windows

8.Illustration: Create realistic transparent glass bottle

We strongly believe that every person should learn for as long as they live, and this doesn’t exclude graphic designers. Now that we went thorough some beginner level digital illustration tutorial, it’s time to move to intermediate difficulty tutorials. Check them out:

9. How to make a Birthday Card in Adobe Illustrator – Maria Keller

10. How to create a winter village in Adobe Illustrator – Maria Keller 

11. How to draw Profiles in Adobe Photoshop

12. How To Paint A Fire Princess in Adobe Photoshop – Sarita Kolhatkar

13. How to create a floral illustration with type in Adobe Illustrator – Mary Winkler

14. How to create a funny monster in Adobe Illustrator – Yulia Sokolova

15. How to create a Letter to Santa in Adobe Illustrator – Maria Keller

16. How to create a Halloween poster in Adobe Photoshop – Sarita Kolhatkar

Moving on, the next tutorials will teach you advanced techniques for a quality-driven work. Here they are:

17. Graphic Design: Make a Realistic Light Bulb

digital illustration tutorials

18. Illustration: Create a Realistic Vector Painting

digital illustration tutorials

19. Illustration: Create a Neon Foodtruck

digital illustration tutorials

20. Illustration: Make Your Drawing Stand out

digital illustration tutorials

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