All the Small Icons You’ll Ever Need

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Big highly detailed icons make great eye candy, but small icons can be very useful when designing websites. They are great for styling lists and giving links visual flair that is eye catching and meaningful. It’s amazing what can be said visually in a 16 x 16 pixel area. In this post, you will find a large collection of small icons that should fit most of your design needs.

Mini Pixel Icons

Mini Pixel Icons

Pixel LED Icon Set

Pixel LED Icon Set

Fugue Icons by pinvoke

Fugue Icons



Diagona Icons by pinvoke

Diagona Icons





Free hand pointer icons

Free hand pointer icons

Two Tone Icons

Two Tone Icons

Two Tiny Icons

Two Tiny Icons

Dead-Simple Social Media Icons

Dead-Simple Social Media Icons

Free Web Design Icon Set

Free Web Design Icon Set

Splashy Icons

Splashy Icons

Free web development icons #1

Free web development icons #1

Free web development icons #3

Free web development icons #3

Xiao Icon

Xiao Icon







mIcons – Kostenlose Icons

mIcons - Kostenlose Icons

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    I think the “Web Development Sets” / “Xiao Icon” / “Vaga” have to be my favourites!


    A convenient help in website development. Very comprehensive.


    Great collection! I can now enjoy my weekend instead of creating tiny little icons… Thanks!

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    I would just adore some slightly more feminine standard icons. Might be time to get my glasses out and make some?

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