Author: Jake Rocheleau


28 Graphic Design Podcast Homepages

Those who love design are willing to follow in the footsteps of greats who came before. Podcasts are an excellent way to pick up information from these greats – but the podcasts themselves are only audio. As designers we care deeply about the packaging and its shiny little red bow.


Landing Page Designs for CMS Engines

Content Management Systems range from Python/Django to PHP and Ruby on Rails. This wide level of diversity is naturally emerging from the rapid growth of open source web development. Nowadays you have a whole litter of options beyond just WordPress to use for any website project.


50 Modern Examples of Thin Line Icons

Icon design is a top-tier skill comparable to calculus: there are prerequisites for both that you must learn beforehand. For math these include operators, variables, and deductive reasoning. For icon design you need to learn color, shape, and form to eventually create quality work.