Best Free Fonts of 2010

By / Nov 25, 2010 / Freebies

Last week we kicked off our “Best of 2010″ series by showing you the best free WordPress themes released in the past year. This week the focus is on fonts. There were a ton of remarkable free fonts put out in 2010, so it was very difficult picking our favorites. Nevertheless, we did it and here they are…the best free fonts of 2010.



Sketchetik Light


The Lobster Font


AW Conqueror

(to download, click on Solutions > Typefaces in the left menu)






VAL Stencil



free fonts




free fonts



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  • Lucas

    Fantastic list! I personally love Lobster. It was help designed by some of the type communities. One of them was which I highly recommend to font enthusiasts and people who love typography.

    It has free and premium typefaces, but the resources and knowledge there is unparalleled. Who doesn’t love trying a font before purchasing it? Thank you again for an awesome list, I love these end of the year collections.

  • Jim

    Hey – thanks for these – especially Null. Do you know if thats the font used on logo?


    Great set. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  • Joefrey Mahusay

    Great round up!:)

  • shenoyjoseph

    nice fonts

  • Monsieur M

    thanks for this !

  • Sascha

    Wow! What a great collection fonts! Thanks 😀

  • Lourens

    I love the lobster font :)

  • Buzz

    Really like the lobster font and Melbourne is a great modern font… thanks for posting!

  • Scott

    Thanks for the collection. My fave above is the SAF font.

  • Stephen Tiano

    Meh. All sans serif display fonts. I mean, it’s nice that they’re free, but anyone can digitize something into a display face. You want to impress, get hold of some new serif faces suitable for book work–i.e., with at least the minimum roman, ital, bold, and bold ital fonts. Now THAT would really be something.

  • Esteban Malo

    Great collection, my favorite Sketchetica, but all of them are great.

  • lukasz waszczuk

    Lobster font is AWESOME & Sketchetica!
    Thank You.

  • SckyzO

    I love too the Lobster font.
    It’s the title font of my planet website :

  • raybak

    isnt avant grade an old font? I think it was realsed before 2010

  • Kim Phillips

    It’s a bit misleading, not all of the ones presented are free. But a nice selection.

  • Tony Barnes

    Very nice. I’m loving the ‘Code’ and ‘Null’ fonts!

  • Warren Jerzyszek

    Very nice, this collection of fonts are great! I’ve been looking for some new additions to my personal font list for some time what are the licenses on these as I would really like to use VAL Stencil font – the code font is really neat as well. Cheers for sharing.

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  • TheShadow

    Awesome font.Thanks for sharing

  • Anna Dawn

    Wow! Thanks for this great font list! I especially love the lobster font! It’s so neat how they made that script and created double letter combinations!

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  • Schriftarten

    The Lobster font is great! Are you planning a 2011 addition as well? Thank you!