Best Free Fonts of 2011

By / Nov 17, 2011 / Freebies

With only a month and a half left in 2011, it’s hard to believe another year is drawing to a close. If you’re a long time reader of WDL, you probably know that at the end of each year we publish a series of posts that highlight our favorite freebies and resources from that year. It’s an excellent way to show you what you might have missed, and to give the designers and creators some well deserved recognition.

To kick it off, here are the best free fonts of 2011. There were tons of great free fonts released this year, so it was a difficult task choosing our favorites.


New Free Fonts


free fonts

Ostrich Sans




Wisdom Script

New Free Fonts


free fonts


New Fonts

Five Minutes

free fonts


free fonts

Dock 11

free fonts

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  • Zeeshan

    Wisdom Script and Ostrich Sans are the best free fonts of 2011.

    • Matan

      Now that I see WESTON, I have to disagree, just look how slick and future-alike it is, I really liked this font, and I ran into it before actually.


    Infinity font for my is the best. Thanks for this post. i love so much when we talk about font families! Important for every designer. Thanks for sharing!

  • IC Web Design

    Ostrich Sans is a great looking font excellent lines thanks for the post!

  • Rudolf Bos

    Thanx for sharing this!

  • Oficientes

    Thanks for the recopilation!

  • Neil

    Great concepts and fronts. Thanks for shearing this. I liked “Trebuchet MS” most.

  • Rockit Web

    Great list, loving Ostrich Sans. Thanks :)

  • noa

    Very good:-)

    I like “Infinity” and “RBN02″.

    Thank you!!!

  • Pit Diaz

    Nice, refined, elegant and suculent, … why download tons of fonts, when you can have the best in only one site!

  • Novrian

    Nice stuff, thanks for sharing. 😀

  • Mike @ YasTech Web Design

    I love free fonts. A couple of these are perfect for a few upcoming design projects we have. Thanks again!

  • Mohamed Tair

    Nice stuff, thanks for sharing. ^^

  • Susana

    beautiful fonts!

  • Marios

    All beautiful fonts…infinity I really like very modern and unique.. Thank you

  • kim

    Great fonts, but Dock11 is not free. The font that downloads with the “free version” is a mashup of default fonts.

  • JimJ

    Ooh yeah, I like these

  • V Bell

    +1 for Ostrich Sans, but I think I might have use for Pacifico as well…

  • Mike Key

    Awesome collection and some great fonts. Glad I stumbled onto this. That “Five Minutes” font is really going to come in handy for some sales graphics!

  • Anna

    Wow great collection, but I bet they can’t be used commercially.

  • kishan

    Wow ! thanx for sharing ! ^_^

  • Haiden

    Really i am so glad to get Best Free Fonts of 2011. But Docc11 is not free. Thanks for sharing…:)

  • Christopher Gardner

    I agree with Zeehan (whose tweet brought me here), but I’m now a big fan of Infinity. And I paid a bit for Wisdom Script, which I encourage others to do as well.

  • Evgenia Grinblo (@Grinblo)

    Hello, nurse! Thanks for sharing. I love the infinity font… great to run into this.

  • Dzinepress

    love to download these beautiful font for more optimize my web design projects. thanks for sharing

  • Bono

    i like handwritten fonts. the five minutes font looks cute. 😀

  • leland

    Great selection!

  • softmace

    Ostrich Sans and RBNo2 are my favorites. Real classy.

  • pigmenta

    I never could download fabrica. Never saw the bottom to download it… (anybody does?)
    Fabrica is perfect type and Infinity t∞!!

  • Hemant

    Infinity And Ostrich Sans are the best.

  • Ryan

    Infinity and Fabrica FTW! Thanks ^^

  • Diane Gilmore

    Thanks! I agree totally, also love the five minuts font.

  • Daniel (@mmoVZ)

    Infinity and Dock 11 are my personal favorites. Infinity kinda reminds me of Diavolo, which is a very professional font. Awesome list!

  • S

    Awesome batch! I’m definitely trying these out. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Mike Kalam @ Architects in Birmingham

    hey fantastic compilation! I have two in mind which are going to look fantastic on our new website! Cant wait for the 2012 freebie list lol!

  • theComplex

    wow, absolutely love Infinity! Thanks!

  • Phil K

    Weston and Infinity for me.

  • Jockbaia

    These fonts are really beautiful! Great selection!

  • jyoti wadhwa

    your fonts is outstanding.

  • SavorWeb

    These are some rad fonts. We’ll be working these into our custom website designs for sure. Thank you!

  • Chris Patterson

    No Open Sans? I would have thought that would top any free font list.