July 18, 2024

CocoaLove 2015 opens in Philadelphia on October 9th

Apple tries to make their development process as simple as possible and Cocoa is a major part of that process. Cocoa is an API for common programming techniques used in Mac OS X applications.

A similar library named Cocoa Touch is the API for touch-based iOS devices. Both Cocoa APIs play a vital role in app development for Apple OS’. A large conference named CocoaLove has spawned with a somewhat misleading name. While the concept is about Apple development, none of the talks go into detail about programming.

Rather this conference is about the craft of building Apple software and meeting others who simply love this process.

CocoaConf gathering

CocoaLove 2015 will be hosted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from October 9th to the 11th. It’s meant to focus on Cocoa but it’s really about so much more. Take from the CocoaLove website:

CocoaLove is a conference with zero code-focused talks; instead we focus on insightful conversations about our craft while fostering a strong sense of community. Leave the laptop in the hotel room and spend the weekend with 150 developers/designers/all-around good people.

While tickets have basically sold out for 2015’s event, you can schedule ahead to make plans for 2016’s event. Follow the official Twitter page @CocoaLoveConf for more details.

Also if you have the time be sure to check out CocoaLove 2014 talks which are hosted for free on Vimeo.


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