May 25, 2024

Convert your HTML Website to WordPress Theme With This Simple Tool

As simple as 1, 2, 3…. . It only takes three steps to convert your traditional HTML website to a WordPress site in 15 seconds or less. This handy tool not only saves you the time it takes to recode the site, but also saves you money! The average cost to convert a site to a WordPress Theme starts at $500+. The HTML to WordPress converter is a hassle free tool that helps get a traditional hard coded website onto a WordPress platform. 

Simple-HTML-to-Wordpress-ToolFrom a freelance web designer perspective, the demand for WordPress site is constant. Most small to mid-sized businesses like the simplicity of its CMS but are not willing to make the investment to convert it. The hesitation is often associated with the cost of the conversion. However this converter virtually eliminates that. The tool is also a time saver when working on a very dated website in need of a major facelift. Instead of having to start from scratch on a new WordPress site, simply drop your website folder into the tool to be converted, then download it as a functional WordPress theme. From there you can choose a more modern theme from the vast number of themes available. Simple.


Try the tool for yourself, and share your experience with it or other useful conversion tools you’ve used in the comments below.

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    1. Henrik Reply

      “Tools: You can use any visual website editors such as Dreamviewer, Macaw, Froont, Bloc, Adobe products etc. It doesn’t matter as long as the output works in a browser.

      Frameworks: You can develope your with with any front-end framework such as Twitter Bootstrap or Foundation. Single page app frameworks such as Angular.js or Ember.js will not work.

      Or if you like to code your frontend (html,js,css) the good ol’ way by hand, this works as well.

      Bug fix: Skeleton boilerplate will wrap CSS files around a noscript tags. Remove noscript tags for it to work.”

  1. João Reply

    That’s monthly charged. It’s more profitable buying a theme from ThemeForest and we’re almost ready just by changing some elements and deliver the project. Additionally, I will still have $ 5 or $ 10 to buy some beer.

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