June 23, 2024

Compare Speed Tests between 2 Different Websites

Most web developers know about the significance of speed testing. It offers advice regarding how quickly certain elements of a page load, helping webmasters pinpoint areas that cause laggy speeds.

Some of the most popular choices have been Google’s PageSpeed along with YSlow developed by Steve Sauders. But these free tools are meant to check one website at a time, often focusing on a particular set of “problems” found on the page.

An interesting alternative is the DareBoost speed comparison tool (completely free!)

You can test any two websites to see how they stack in regards to rendering page elements, external HTTP requirements, and other common speed-related features.

ALA and Smashing Magazine test

Not only this but you’ll also be ample to compare full technology stacks. DareBoost will pull as much information as possible regarding the website’s technology such as CMS engine, server software, database software, and backend technology(Node, PHP, Rails, etc.)

In regards to raw competition this is perhaps one of the best free webapps to date. It’s super easy to punch in a couple domains and let DareBoost do its thing.

Other alternative options include a mobile vs desktop rendering test, along with testing against different browser versions or operating systems. DareBoost really put together one hell of an awesome application that should prove useful to anyone who builds websites.

If you have time give it a test run using your own website, or a couple of your personal favorite websites. The results may surprise you!


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