July 19, 2024

30 Inspiring Examples of Dark Minimalist Website Layouts

Do you ever notice how familiar web content always seems to catch that twinkle in your eye? Fewer distractions allow for quicker reading material – and in these crazy times with Twitter and Justin Bieber it helps to remove as many distractions as possible. Another element which can help readers achieve deeper focus in a higher contrast between colors on the page.

Very dark text on a light background will read much cleaner than colors which are closer in value. But the reverse is also true, putting dark website backgrounds with lighter text colors. In this post I’ve organized some deliciously dark layouts which achieve brilliant minimalism in both form and function.

Perspective Mockups

perspective mockups photoshop ui plugin

Common Ninja

common ninja graphics dark website

Casper Odendaal

ui ux designer casper odendaal portfolio

Incredible Web

dark studio agency incredible web design

Joy Interactive

joy interactive dark website design

Nathan Romero

nathan romero dark personal portfolio

Electrik Company

electrik company dark website software development

Julien Giombetti

julien giombetti graphic designer dark website

Cross Browser Experts

dark website cross browser experts layout homepage

Andy Burdin

andrew burden designer artist dark website


jveart design marketing dark website

Davey Heuser

davey heuser ui designer dark portfolio


jesters wild dark portfolio website

Ryan Mulford

ryan mulford freelance design portfolio layout

Pied Piper

pied piper silicon valley dark website

Heavy App

heavy bodybuilding app mobile landing page

All Blacks

all blacks adidas dark website


nofavorite custom web design firm homepage


alma 1938 leather dealer dark homepage

Juliana Rotich

dark website layout juliana rotich

Plural App

plural app news reader dark website homepage

Elliot Condon

elliot condon dark website portfolio homepage


duplos ricardo mestre dark website layout

Danny Knaack

danny knaack dark portfolio texture website

Creature Technology Company

the creature technology company dark website


fliplab dark website layout homepage


tiempo flat website simple minimal layout

Ice Cube Design

ice cube web design development dark homepage


union cowork space dark simple website homepage


savoir faire pascal plamondon website homepage


Jake is a creative writer and UI designer by trade. You can follow him on twitter @jakerocheleau or learn more at his personal website JakeRocheleau.com.

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