June 2, 2023

Your Data Management Superhero – Interactive & Responsive Tables

Do you work on a project with large amounts of data that need to be managed or manipulated in some way, and presented in charts or tables?

Given enough time, it is something you feel you could handle, although the task might not be an easy one. The trouble is, your client has thrown you a curve.

The data management analysis needs to be in a format that is both interactive and responsive; and your client wants it done yesterday!

You’ve always been hooked on superheroes, but this is not a movie or a comic-book situation. This is reality; a place where superheroes can be hard to find. There is one that will free you from your dilemma however.

This superhero has the complete package; x-ray vision, super strength to move huge amounts of data, the ability to bend seemingly inflexible things into shape, and more.

Your superhero goes by the name of wpDataTables. It is a WordPress table plugin that can resolve virtually any chart, graph, or table-building issue you are likely to encounter.

It can create interactive and responsive content with ease – and deliver it to your client yesterday.


Shapeshifting Features


wpMyDataTables can adapt to information in the format of your choice, and bend and fit it to serve your needs; just as easily as some superheroes can bend a steel rod into the shape of a donut.

The format in question can be from an Excel or a Google spreadsheet, JSON, an .xml or .csv file, or whatever. The end result will be responsive, and it will be correctly presented on any standard device display.

Super Strength


Handling 1.600.000 data entries is not an issue for wpDataTables

Intelligence isn’t always equated with strength, but in this case, wpDataTables’ ability to manage huge chucks of data with obvious ease is because it’s smart.

This superhero knows when to go outside for help, by joining forces with MySQL, or getting assistance from an Ajax request for sorting, filtering, and other tasks.

X-Ray Vision


Best 10 Marvel films at the box office, table created with wpDataTables

Seeing through vast accumulations of data such as a thick cloud of seemingly random numbers can be as difficult as attempting to see through a solid object.

Hidden within that cloud of numbers are charts, graphs, statistics, and other valuable pieces of information. They are just not easy to see.

The wpDataTables’ Table Constructor does a magnificent job of creating editable, interactive, and responsive tables, spreadsheets and charts.


Chart-Portal Creation Features


Not every superhero can create a wormhole or a spatial portal. A few can however, and wpDataTables is one of them.

You can apply the superpowers embedded in its intuitive dashboard to create awesome WordPress visualization charts in colors of your choosing, using Google Charts and High Charts skills.

Teleportation Powers

It’s super cool to be able to print a WordPress table or save it in a chosen format, whether it is .pdf, .csv, or Excel. Your superhero plugin makes doing so a snap.

It’s a form of teleportation, a talent many superheroes have in common; only it’s for WordPress.


This Superhero Plugin is Best Used for …

These superpowers are obviously good to have available, but what are they best applied to?

The answer is, they can be applied to a great many different needs. Financial and operation statistical analyses often involve huge sums of data, as do both agricultural and scientific statistics.

Advertising and marketing specialists will also find this plugin to be extremely useful. The number of uses is, for all practical purposes, unlimited.

If you want to see a mass of seemingly incomprehensible data morphed into something meaningful, let wpDataTables have a go at it!


A Data Manager with Super Features and Super Customer Support


wpDataTables is super user-friendly and intuitive. That is what 8 out of 10 its clients will tell you. A majority of them use its advanced filter capabilities and the MySQL data visualizing feature, 85% and 75%, respectively.

About a third of the clients report using several other features this plugin offers. As far as support is concerned, if you have a question, or in the unlikely event you run into a problem, the support team is always there for you and ready to help.

wpDataTables features include:

  • The ability to create a table in three easy steps – upload, configure, and publish.
  • The ability to create responsive charts and tables that can be viewed and edited from any standard device or display.
  • The Table Constructor, which allows you to create tables manually.
  • The Query Constructor, which you can use to quickly fetch WordPress or MySQL database data.
  • The Query Generator, if you need to generate MySQL queries.

Other useful features include an interactive chart generation capability, limited access table generation, customizable design capabilities, the use of shortcodes, and no coding.

There’s more to come, and as a wpDataTables user, you can count on automatically receiving updates and new versions, as they are released.

The Latest wpDataTables Updates

Here are two new features you will really like. As is the case with the other premium WordPress plugins, updates you receive are often the result of user requests and feedback.

  • The Conditional Formatting feature makes highlighting rows, cells, and columns, and changing CSS classes, easy to accomplish tasks.


  • The Sum/Totals Row give you the ability to display, in the table footer, numeric column totals.

The latest wpDataTables version, 1.6.1 is a large update. It introduces a total of 15 new features including the two aforementioned ones, plus a variety of stability and UX improvements and several bug fixes. Give it a try.




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