July 17, 2024

Portland, Oregon hosts Delight 2015 from October 5th-7th

Delight is a rather diverse conference spanning the gamut from technology, design, programming, and overall user experiences. 2015 will be the fourth annual occurrence of Delight which will be hosted in Portland, OR for a lovely three-day conference period.

The Delight conference is unique because many people from distinct backgrounds gather together to talk about their passions. These could relate to technology, business, marketing, webcopy, design, or any area inbetween these topics.

If you check out the schedule you’ll notice that Delight actually gets started on the night of October 4th with a pub crawl and brief reception period. The next three days are full of talks, workshops, and plenty of snacks.

Delight 2015 conf website

Speakers from all over will represent some of the largest brands including GoldenKrishna of Zappos, Rachael Yu of Airbnb, Dean Cookson of Virgin America and so many others!

Tickets are still on sale but going fast. Discounts can be obtained by purchasing ahead of time, so if you can schedule ahead be sure to get in early.

Even if you can’t make it to Delight 2015 you can still follow updates and photos shared on their Facebook page, or recent posts on Twitter @DelightConf.


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