July 18, 2024

dotCSS Conference runs in Paris, France on December 4th

The incredibly myriad of developers conferences can leave anyone gasping for air. How do you know what to attend and what’s worth the money?

Well when it comes to frontend development and Sass/CSS there’s no better place to be than dotCSS. It happens to be one of the largest CSS conferences in Europe with a direct focus on CSS code.

Altough it’s only a single-day event there will be lots of activities and talks handled on this one day.

dotCSS 2015 will run on December 4th, so there’s still plenty of time to get your tickets.

On December 5th there will be an optional workshop day that costs extra. The workshops focus on all kinds of different CSS tips/tricks/technologies with experts showing you how to write code and build it properly.

To learn more visit the dotCSS FAQ page. Social media users can alternatively check out the event Facebook page or follow the official Twitter account @dotCSS.

dotCSS webapp

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