• http://www.jeremymartz.com Jeremy

    The Bjork logo is stunning !

  • http://www.tristarwebdesign.co.uk/ Tristar Web Design

    It’s a shame that there is no description to let us know what company it’s been designed for. I really like the one with the RSS icon as an umbrella, but I don’t really know what kind of company it’s for, so I don’t really know how clever it is. Id like to know, if someone could follow this up? My favourite is Bread. I love it!

    • Optimaximal

      Did you not click on the images? They’re mostly only proof-of-concept, with the one you suggest being called ‘UmbrellaRSS’, designed ‘possibly’ for an RSS feed based on weather.

  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Pragmatic Design

    Some very clever logos here. I agree with Tristar about the need to a description.

    It would also be good to know whether these are actual organisations- I see many great logos where the design has been worked-out before the name, making them great for portfolios, but not so great for real-world examples.

  • ksin303

    @tristar try clicking them to find out more…

  • http://www.notsogrim.co.uk Andy

    The Pattern Analysis one is genius.

    • http://www.snogglenews.com/ Snoggle News


    • http://struckaxiom.com/ Dane

      Agreed on the Pattern Analysis–the double takes are brilliant.

  • https://pracheegaur.wordpress.com/ Prachee Gaur

    Yes, i agree that somewhere these logos are visually appealing but their should be the initial ideation also for these, so that we can understand how these logos came out.

  • http://jonny.cz jonny

    handydog, golf, cafe…

  • DEE

    …. to the above posters… If you click on the design, it goes to the designers web page (the RSS one is for sale, not designed for an actual company)

  • http://buffalogirlsdesign.com/ Ludmilla

    Pattern Analysis- nice, simple, to the point.

  • http://www.pingdesigns.net David

    These are really great examples. I like the Pattern Analysis logo too, but I think it could use just a hint more contrast in the text. Great collection.

  • http://www.torbalscales.com ddeja

    Bjork dental is my favourite.
    Bread get’s the second place.
    And last but not least is umbrella wi-fi logo:)


  • gloria

    love! less is more!

  • http://a1daily.com Kyson Kane

    These are great! I always tried to create very conservative designs for clients but fufilling a clients needs is like walking up a mountain with rollerblades. You don’t give them that whole “COLORS THAT POP!” thing, you get no where.

    Nice write up.

  • http://ZahidLilani.com Zahid

    Pattern Analysis is brilliant.

  • http://www.modernooze.com sam – dorset web design

    I agree with ddeja those are best in my web design book

  • http://www.serggiodesign.cc.rs Serggio

    Really great collection of simple, clever, but truly effective ideas for logos. This schould be a principe for sucessfull way to best logo creation. Bravo

  • http://www.eatgeeks.com Lachy

    big popular companys have middling to bad logos as a rule. Because these logos, above, have that “design thang” we can see that the typography has creted the name, not vice versa as the real word of logo design requires. These are stunning portfolio works but few have real world application. That is a holier grail in design…

  • http://inspirationfeed.com inspirationfeed

    Gosh, HandyDog is awesome!

  • http://www.adriancrellin.co.uk Adrian

    A nice post and a nice collection of logos! :o)

  • http://www.geran.co.za Geran

    The ‘Pattern Analysis’ logo is so simple but yet so brilliant. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

  • http://defharo.com deFharo

    Good collection of logos, thank you. I especially like the monogram of CH.

  • http://www.raycreationsindia.com Ray Creations

    Very nice logos indeed. I couldn’t choose a favorite. All of them are nice.

  • http://www.muratsarisu.com Murat sarisu

    Perfect design