July 18, 2024

25 Creative Flat Logo Designs You’d Love

Flat design took the word by storm. It influenced not only web design, but UIs and logos too. Lately we saw a lot of huge corporations, such as Google and Bing adopting their logos into flat design principles.

A logo should be simple, remarkable, and beautiful to fit in the whole branding style of the product. Flat design made a great job for logos as they got rid of all gradients and shadows to become even more simple and easy to remember. To help inspire you for your next project that needs some logo to be designed, I handpicked 25 cool creative flat logos you’ll love. Scroll down and enjoy!

Ark Designs Line by Mark Conlan

Reflect Architecture Logo by Yogev Gevi Marotz

Flat UI Logo by Sergey Shmidt

Minimal Mountaineer by narlity

Astrageeks by Skydesigner

LawArmy by SabinAlin

Watchers by karacas

Bright Idea by Dale J Cheetham

Frosty Sweets by Alexa-Clare Tan

Geometry by Mia Natt och Dag

Lina Veber Cake | Logo by Anna Attlid

La Musica Studios by Benjamin Juhlin

Degustation by Emil Hofkunst

Logo for Graham Alex Photography by Hakpro

Bierhaus brewing co. by Alejandro Vizio

CISS Consultorias by Guilherme Kupkovski

Le Pari’s – Fast-Food by Florent Hancquart

BoiledWeb by Mateusz Staniszewski

Zoska Coffe Branding by Balazs Hajnal

Biking expedition by Karpov

The Fishtie by Ronnie Faust

One On One Flavours – logo design by Aditya Chhatrala

Owlie by Bady

Baddesigners Logo Design by Enes Aktas

House Kitchen by Vincent Tantardini


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