July 19, 2024

32 Examples of Clean Flat Web Design Mockups

Flat design has seeped into the fabric of website design and mobile apps alike. Many popular interfaces are switching over to flat design because it’s simpler and easier to create. Some users prefer flat website layouts because they don’t use flashy graphics or distracting elements on a typically minimalist webpage design.

This gallery features 32 brilliant mockups created using flat interface pieces. If you’re thinking of designing a flat website yourself, this may be a good place to look for inspiration. Study the different types of interfaces and see how flat page elements will appear based on color scheme and the type of website. Generally speaking design should always serve content, but focusing a bit of time on aesthetics can provide a much more pleasurable user experience.

Dating Site Profile

dating website profile web design layout

Invoice Sherpa Tour

invoice sherpa tour webpage layout


paypoint flat website layout inspiration

Web Concept

simple flat icons website web concept


loudfund concept website fullscreen background

Photo & Video Page

photo and video website flat

The First Calendar Website

first calendar iphone app website

We Beat Traffic Tickets

wbtt we beat traffic tickets website

Instagram Redesign

instagram website flat layout redesign

Flat King

flat king single page bootstrap layout

Condo Communities Landing Page

condo communities landing webpage layout


tedx wroclaw event website layout

Client Portal

instant chemistry website portal flat

Startup Project

flat startup homepage website layout

Jan Cavan Website

jan cavan portfolio flat website

Flat Ecommerce Store

flat ecommerce website layout design

Gather V2 Event

gather event website flat design layout


code it website flat layout

Life Dojo

life dojo landing page website layout

Quantified Dashboard

quantified dashboard fitness flat website layout


my trips website flat minimal layout

Shopping Centre

shopping centre website flat layout

Contact Page

stormfront website contact page responsive layout

Tru Music

tru music instrument store website layout

Social Feed

tokster social media feed website layout

E-pay Landing Page

epay flat landing page design

Treehouse Free Template

treehouse flat website template design freebie


escape single page freebie template

Marketing Company

flat website marketing company design


flat homepage dark hexactly inspiration

Sheltr Profile

sheltr social network profile webpage flat layout

Google Redesign

google search results flat redesign inspiration


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