June 18, 2024

The Different Styles of Card Design Layout

As I’ve mentioned before, Card Design is taking over! What makes it even more refreshing is the different takes you can use to achieve the card style and how adaptable it has become. From tiles, stack, to layers, here are four examples of different ways to use card design in a layout from Eyal Zuri on Dribble.

Floating Cards

Card Layout1 Card Layout3 Card Layout2


Tiles3 Tiles2Tiles1


Stack3 Stack1Stack2


Layer2 Layer3Layer1

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  1. Forrest Smith Reply

    Those are some beautiful designs — do you have the direct dribbble links to each of the designs, or did I miss that somewhere? I like to bookmark good samples (and link to the originals), and the content owners would probably appreciate it as well.

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