20 Sets of Photoshop Brushes for Vintage Style Design

By / Jan 25, 2010 / Freebies

Vintage style design is all about making things look old. This can be achieved by using using elements in your designs that appear to be from decades ago, and when done well can create a mood for your web design that will leave a lasting impressions on visitors. In this article, we’ve rounded up a bunch of Photoshop brushes that will be very useful to you when trying to achieve that vintage look.

Vintage Camera Brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage Grunge

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage Anatomy Set 1

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage Postcards Set 1

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Paper Brushes IV

vintage photoshop brushes

vintage brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage Script Brush Sampler

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage News Ad Brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Vintage Images + Ephmera

vintage photoshop brushes

Steampunk PS Brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Ephemera

vintage photoshop brushes

Postage label brush set

vintage photoshop brushes

The Vintage Effect-brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Book Ornaments Brushes 3

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Paper Brushes 2

vintage photoshop brushes

vintage polaroid brushes

vintage photoshop brushes

Old Letter

vintage photoshop brushes

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    Ah the old days…

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    These are awesome! I love the ‘Old brushes’ set, I’ll definitely try and work it into an upcoming design.

  • http://www.employeratlas.com Eric Di Bari

    Great collection. Thanks.

  • http://brendanwenzel.net Brendan Wenzel

    Awesome collection. Will be using a few of these really soon on a new design I’m working on.

  • http://veezual.com Veezual

    Good collection. I might use one of these…

  • http://www.tutistech.in jack

    excellent,mind blowing collection, i can use one of them for my new degine.

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    That is a great collection thank you for putting them all in one easy to find location ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    awesome stuff i really like the second one!

  • http://malleckdesignco.com Joe

    Nice collection. These will come in handy on a current project!

  • http://www.2broadscast.com MzMelanie

    I’m obsessed and was on a mission once I saw this collection.

  • http://massesoft.com hamzamalick

    i like the news ad brushes one :) will use somewhere in my webdesign

  • http://www.meganandstefan.com Stefan Petersen

    Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing.

  • Cathrine

    Wonderfulllllllllll ! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Cathrine

    Wonderfulllll ! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

  • sanford

    Nice, I’ve got to get some of these.

  • http://www.totalpackageadvertising.com Jane Bowlin-Burt

    That’s awesome! YOU’RE awesome! Thanks!

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    Beautiful sets

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    really nice 1

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    Oh yeah, there some russian prints!

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    Awesome collection. Will be using a few of these really soon on a new design Iโ€™m working on.

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    Really useful old brushes, i used them a while ago.

    Thanks for the collection

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    Really nice brushes! Thanks for sharing.

  • AB8

    Thank you so much! These are fantastic, all of them!