April 16, 2024
tm certification center

Learn CMS Basics and Become TemplateMonster’s Partner with Certification Center

Are you thirsty for new knowledge? Do you want to have a better understanding of web design basics? Do you want to improve your skills and make your startup a success from the start? All this is possible with a new project launched by TemplateMonster – TM Certification Center.

TM Certification Center

The project is absolutely free, so everyone eager to learn is welcome to enroll. No matter how experienced you are, how many projects you have launched, and what web design heights you have already reached, TM Certification Center has something that will match you specifically.

TM Certification Center is made up of free courses for beginners and experienced webmasters. While the former can discover peculiarities of every CMS and better learn functionality included into each of them, the latter can confirm their high level of expertise in web design and development and become certified TM partners.

Let’s now see what TM Certification Center includes for each of these two big groups of users.

Courses for Beginners

The courses cover the basics that beginners need to know about the most popular CMS, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop. You are offered sets of lectures dedicated to each of the aforementioned content management systems. By enrolling into any of them you may expect to get extensive information about the chosen CMS, its structure and functionality. You will be able to see how their admin panels look and feel from the inside so that you can do all installation and start customization work on your own.

Each course of lectures will give you step-by-step instructions on how to work with a ready-made theme compatible with a chosen CMS, install and manage it, and expend the functionality with modules.  In the end of the course, you will pass quizzes that will reveal how well you have understood the provided information.

Certification for Experienced Webmasters

The course is intended for freelancers and web design studios that know how to work with ready-made website templates, and the ones launched by TemplateMonster in particular. The audience purchasing pre-designed web solutions is very diverse. In most cases, people hire a professional webmaster who can personalize a chosen theme in a way that matches their requirements perfectly. TemplateMonster has decided to launch the Certification Center for webmasters in order to make sure that the end-user will be provided with the highest quality of services possible.

So, if you know how to work with TemplateMonster’s themes, you can pass a quick and confirm your deep knowledge of how their WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, and PrestaShop themes are organized. As a result, successful completion of the course guarantees that you will become a TM partner with a personal certificate. It will provide your high level of expertise in the field.

Each owner of TM certificate will be added to a localized list of TemplateMonster’s partners. This will help you find new clients and broaden your business opportunities.

So, if you are ready to grow as a professional and attain new knowledge, join TemplateMonster’s Certification Center now!

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