June 18, 2024
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MotoCMS Giveaway: Get 1 of 3 Responsive Web Templates

Website development is considered to be a complex process, requiring a lot of investment, effort and time. Different minds have to work together in order to implement a web project on behalf of a client who doesn’t have a clue about website design and code writing.

But there is one snag… Your enterprise is a losing battle, if you are not involved in it one hundred per cent. Of course, you may present your own strategy to the professionals, where you tell them about the vision you have for your website. But the web development industry’s specific character and a lack of specified knowledge will create a barrier between you and your web developers, negating all the odds of starting up a top-of-the-range website for your online
business. Not even mentioning wasted funds.

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So what is the alternative? Here are a few suggestions:

MotoCMS Responsive Website Builder

MotoCMS is a company that has a knack for building ready-made websites that has equal functionality, but lower cost. Its website template collection contains many ready-made web designs for every purpose and intent. No matter what your intentions are, you will definitely find the desirable website among dozens of categories.

Try Your Chances

Do you want to have a stunning website with no charge? Participate in this contest! MotoCMS is giving away 3 website templates for free. This is not a joke.

How to Win?

Leave a comment with the item number of the desired website template, starting from December, 22th through to December, 29th. Choose one of responsive website templates and wait for your prize! The lucky winners will be chosen by random selection on December, 30th. Only one comment can make you an owner of a perfectly made, responsive website. It’s definitely worth a try!

Before making your choice, read below about the other awesome benefits that you can get by entering this competition, along with a lightning fast and good-looking web design powered by MotoCMS website builder.

Personalize Your Website

Would you like to edit your website design without professional assistance? Not a problem at all. With a purchase of any website template powered by MotoCMS you get the built-in admin panel – an easy-to-use website builder, providing your website full customization. A broad spectrum of integrated widgets and tools will help you to transform your website’s appearance, even if you are not familiar with web design and programming.

motocms responsive website builder

Set Colors

Among the tools that are provided in the admin panel powered by MotoCMS responsive website builder, this one deserves special mention. Color Picker is the finest way to create your website’s color palette in one place. Based on the five main colors, when applied to your website, Color Picker creates more than twenty five tones for a website owner to choose from, to create the best color set for his website. On top of that, there are additional color sections available, including five other unique hues to pick from.

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Optimize Social Media

Currently social media is one of the most important aspects of the Internet. One can not only find new friends or read the latest news, but it’s also very beneficial for online business. Create social media accounts and connect them with your website by drag-and-dropping Facebook Feed, Twitter Timeline or Pinterest board widgets. Add Social Links and Social Buttons for users to share and like your website.

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Appeal to Search Engines

People often use search engines to find a web resource they need. A proper search engine optimization strategy will raise your website rankings and push it to the top of the search results. The MotoCMS admin panel allows users to set basic SEO settings in a few clicks. Write page titles, descriptions and keywords and optimize URLs. Check the No-index, No-follow and Hide Canonical boxes to enable these features.

Transfer Your Data

Before adding your personal content to your website, upload it to Media Library. Just drag-and-drop needed items to the required area of this excellent file manager and they will be ready for use in a second. Create new folders to structure uploaded files like photos, videos, audios, archives, documents and other. Check and edit file properties as well. Keep in mind that the maximum upload file size is 2 MB.

motocms responsive website builder file manager

Make It Responsive

Responsiveness is a key element of web design. This trend put mobile devices in the same league as desktops. Your responsive website template from MotoCMS will be appreciated by smartphone and tablet users, due to its superb mobile version. Your website template layouts will be automatically adjusted to all modern mobile devices’ screen resolutions, keeping your website’s original look.

24/7 Tech Support

Seeking for advice? Contact the 24/7 customer support service provided by MotoCMS. Talk to a professional and get an instant response on the topic of your interest. If you are pushed for time, set a phone call yourself and wait for a timely callback. Alternatively you can type a message in the live chat and receive a reply immediately.

E-commerce Plugin

Here is a special offer for everyone who intends to start up an online store. After adding the E-commerce plugin to your website template, click the “Store” button in the admin panel to initiate the work of your online shop. Access your daily and monthly analytics, displayed on a diagram. Receive orders and check their status. Create product catalogs and set discounts with promo-codes. Look through your customers’ contact information and trace their actions in your online store. Payment, tax, design and other properties are also available for setup.


Are you looking for a website with a blog functionality? MotoCMS website templates collection contains a bunch of made-up websites that will help you to begin successful blogging career. Write and edit posts, play with layout design, set backgrounds, change text style, pick different images and buttons presets, set published posts amount, enable or disable comments. Choose your website with a blog among the website templates that we’re showcasing below. Take your part in the giveaway by writing a comment with a number of the desired design.


A ready-made website template is the best solution to save you time and money, when building your own online business. Create your website with MotoCMS and you will have the ability to manage your website without leaving the web browser. If you are not convinced yet, take a look at the following collection of MotoCMS responsive website templates. Try any template free for 14 days and see for yourself. All the changes made in the trial version of the chosen web design may be saved after it’s purchased. Also don’t forget to leave your comment below to get your reward. You have time until 29 December!

Responsive Business Web Template

ready made website for corporation

Business Web Page Template

responsive site design

Financial Consultants Website

business site template


Julia Blake is a freelance writer interested in web design and development, usability, trends, technology and photography. Also she is learning her way around email marketing, which is no less interesting than writing.


  1. Hemang Rindani Reply

    With the changing trends and increasing competition, responsive and personalized websites are a must. Content management systems have made it possible to create and maintain such websites with ease. Moto CMS is a flexible and responsive web content management system that helps to create websites for small businesses. The user-friendly admin panel allows a developer to control website with ease. Its WYSIWYG editor has drag and drop functionality that allows a developer to edit various site elements, controlling their position and color. Availability of E-commerce plugins and 24/7 customer support is an additional benefit to look at in Moto CMS. However lack of trust worthy security plugins has kept Moto at bay. With a few more tools, Moto CMS will surely future in easy-to-use Content Management Systems.

  2. WebDesignzzz Reply

    I’ll any day go for 54628. Looks like a perfect fit for my needs. I have a web design firm and my website desperately needs a total revamp. Nothing better than this gift 😉

  3. Chris Stark Reply

    @WebDesignzzz:disqus @disqus_W8kwPkCu6p:disqus @hemangrindani:disqus congrats, our system picked you to win the giveaway from commenting.

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