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I have to admit that I’m a package lover and that I also believe that packaging is an art, the art of designing a beautiful “protection” for a product. I really like to browse packages and pay attention to details like typography, color schemes, materials and other small choices that surround this item. The process of creating a package/label demands creativity and talent, the talent to get customers attention. It’s pretty amazing how many beautiful combinations we can find in packages and labels to inspire us in other projects, from nice and clean layouts to textures and typefaces, the right packaging can be really eye candy and inspiring.

All the examples showcased here are from the beautiful Lovely Package website, so if you want to know more about each package and its designer, click on the image and visit the site. Enjoy!

Grappa da Fiano di Avellino

Inspiring Packages & Bottles


Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Ayelet Naturals

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Ballard Bee Company

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Kaluskie Exportowe

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Student Work – Broby Grafiska School of Communication

Inspiring Packages & Bottles


Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Hofmann Willems Willems

Inspiring Packages & Bottles


Inspiring Packages & Bottles

3R Tequila

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Student Work – Denis Carroll

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

The Chalice

Inspiring Packages & Bottles


Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Sheffield & Sons

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Frisky Midget

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Blackwood Pet Food

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

& Tradition

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Student Work – Academy of Art San Francisco

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

Student Work – Brandon Sim

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

A Little Bird Told Me

Inspiring Packages & Bottles

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    Very nice selection… SKIR is an optical exercise too! I know from FIANO DA AVELLINO the Wine…so good! Thanks for sharing!

  • adam

    Another cool collection, love Kaluskie Exportowe…perfect for a Friday thanks: )

  • Robert

    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Dzinepress

    stunning designs you sharing. thanks

  • Natalia

    Wow, I love packaging. Those student works are 100 times better that the ones shown in my student days. Makes me feel ashamed…. 😛

  • A_t

    Very nice designs-I particularly like the tequila!
    Here is another example of nice bottle packaging (from Japan). The 2 beers represent the Japanese torii that can be seen at Miyajima.

  • Theo

    Rally nice works in this collection!

  • darwin

    great collection…. thx for sharing this :)

  • Chris Howell

    The student work is very good.

  • Morgan & Me Creative

    Awesome collection, the student work showcase is some real talent as well!

  • In house we solutions

    My vote goes to 3r tequilla! Awesome design i also like the milk one.

  • Angelee

    Denis Caroll’s design looks pretty… I’ve been looking for designs of pastry/cookies’ packages which I hope will be posted here soon…

    • Jessica

      Yeah, it really is something else Angelee! So much inspiration.

  • Calvin

    Yeah,nice collections.

  • David

    These are nice and amazing designs and collections.
    A real talent and skills. I want to see more of these.