July 13, 2024

Inspiring Project: Svbtle

It is amazing to see how creative and talented some people are. Every single day there are a lot of new projects being launched everywhere, which is great, because we, as users, can gain a lot with that. From ideas that will make our live easier, from useful apps to new ways of reading news, it is always good to see the new things that are popping around us. Personally, I really like to keep track of new projects and ideas, specially when people come up with something that is useful and has an amazing design. Today I will show you a really nice project my husband introduced me: Svbtle.

Svbtle is a new kind of magazine, a new and different view on blogging. It is an invite only publishing platform where you will find great content in a clean and simple layout. Svbtle’s focus is in good content, writers and ideas, leaving everything else behind. And by leaving everything else behind they mean they will leave you with a few icons, a headline and the text. Plain and simple. No distractions. Svbtle has good writers talking about a wide range of contents, always delivering something interesting and well written.

Here are two images from their website, one from the homepage and one from an article.


Svbtle, a new kind of magazine


Svbtle, a new kind of magazine

Full Blog

Svbtle, a new kind of magazine

As you can see their design is minimal and straight to the point. Very beautiful and well done. These days we have so many information available to us that sometimes it is easy to find ourselves reading something in a page that is totally cluttered and it seams we can’t concentrate in what we are reading because all this other things are in the way.

To solve that and to deliver a better experience, nothing better than a white background with tons of white space, good and simple typography and interesting content. This is why Svbtle got my attention. Their way of curating content and publishing articles from really good writers and also their attention to the design and UX as part of the process is amazing.

Make sure to take your time to explore the magazine, enjoy the smooth navigation, browse through the articles and get to know some of the writers and their style and ideas. This may be your next favorite magazine online.


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  1. Greg Reply

    What’s inspiring here? This is so simple and takes 10 min to build whole website… Some people should really learn what’s good and what is basic. Jesus, those so called graphic designers these days..

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