July 17, 2024

JotForm Theme Store: a User-Created Marketplace

JotForm, long considered to be one of the easiest tools for building online forms, now has a Theme Store, so users can get their own beautifully designed form themes without having to do all the work. In recent months it added two new features allowing designers to make building forms quicker than ever- the Form Designer, and the newly released Theme Store. Together they complete the JotForm product offering.

Whether you’re buying or selling a form, the process is about as simple as it gets.


From a form theme designer’s perspective, it doesn’t get much easier creating a custom theme than using JotForm’s advanced Form Designer. Form themes that would have taken hours to design before can come to life in a fraction of the time. The tool’s effortless point and click CSS Helper is a power feature designed to remove the headache of standard CSS (which, by the way, you still have the option of using). Responsive and mobile-ready, you can breeze through customized fields like fonts, backgrounds, colors, and more – faster than ever.


To upload your form theme to the Theme Store from the Form Designer, just choose “Publish to Theme Store” when it’s all ready. After that, you’ll be prompted to select pricing (generally in the $5 to $20 range, or, if you’re feeling generous, free). Here’s a quick explainer video walking through the process of publishing a theme. If you’re already making a form theme for yourself, why not try selling it to the masses? That’s the beauty of the Theme Store; you can make residual income on something you build once.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.55.39 PM

The Theme Store is the byproduct of many, many terrific form themes being created using JotForm’s intuitive Form Designer. A recent JotForm contest challenged users to create the best form themes possible with the Form Designer, and the store is being stockpiled with many of those user-created form themes.

The contest, entitled the Web Form Design Awards, gave users the opportunity to submit forms into categories of Best E-commerce, Best Mobile, Best Survey and Best Contact Forms, so the Theme Store will have an eclectic mix of form theme types. The overall winner of the of the Awards is set to be announced on Dec. 18th, by the way, and will be awarded a whopping $7,500 as their prize. While the winners of the Awards cashed in, the Theme Store allows designers to make continual income for the long term.


JotForm isn’t new to the game of making things easy for users. Since 2006 the company has been a leader at removing the barriers to creating online forms. Users have always had the ability to select from over 7,000 simple templates, or to use their friendly drag-and-drop form builder. Recently, however, the company started allowing unprecedented access to create their own intricate form themes with the Form Designer, and now select from hundreds of beautiful form themes with the Theme Store.


There’s nothing quite like the Theme Store on the market today. If you wanted a beautifully designed form in the past, you needed to have the design chops to piece one together on your own. Being a CSS expert was a must and everything had to be done manually. But today? Not so much the case. Hundreds of lines of code come together in minutes just by pointing and clicking. The Theme Store opens up a world of wonderful forms at the fingertips of every JotForm user around the world – all at incredibly reasonable prices.


Think you can design a form worthy of being sold on the new Theme Store? Give it a try by visiting www.jotform.com/theme-store.



Chad Reid is the Director of Communications for JotForm, a popular online form building tool. He loves all things related to cats, and never turns down free food.

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