July 14, 2024

Jupiter Business WordPress Theme Giveaway! Win 1 of 5 Free Licenses

One of the leading WordPress themes of 2015, Jupiter V5 already has over 30K paid users who now have access to 50+ Templates! From performing artists and bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners, to corporations and nonprofit organizations, Jupiter V5 is sure to have a template that will fit your niche. Browse our template categories including, but not limited to, Business, Community, Food, Health, Shop, Technology, and MORE and find the perfect template to actualize your vision!



A Business WordPress Theme For All Seasons!

Use the Visual Composer tool included in Jupiter V5 to access 100+ shortcodes that allow you to customize nearly every aspect of your site without ever having to write one line of code. SEO-optimized, small in website size and updated with the latest trends and technologies, Jupiter V5 also boasts a Google PageSpeed Score over 90, making it the fastest WordPress theme on the market!


Powering 28,000 Websites From Different Niches!

With its intuitive and user-friendly Admin Panel and the mighty Visual Composer which can help you edit 100+ elements and access over 230 styles for your page, Jupiter V5 has made it absolutely easy to customise the templates and start your website in a matter of hours. Being a solid business WordPress theme, Jupiter V5 can help you establishing website that truly reflects your brand and business values. Just to mention a few of Jupiter V5 rich collection of features and capabilities, your powerful business website solution comes with:headers-jupiter-business-wordpress-theme

  • 18 Header Styles
  • 1800 Icons
  • 14 Custom Widgets
  • 10 Custom Post Types
  • 7 Unique Blog Styles
  • 6 Portfolio Hover Animations
  • Main Navigation Hover Styles
  • 3 Portfolio Styles
  • Free Add-Ons

Among the top WordPress themes of 2015, Jupiter V5 is a limitless WordPress framework with about 30K paid users. With its latest update, V5, Jupiter is now capable of creating you a website with the latest trends and technologies. Jupiter is the only theme with a Google PageSpeed score of 95+, making it not only the most powerful but now the fastest WP theme in the market. Thanks to its modular architecture your website size will be much smaller compared to other Multi-purpose themes, leaving you with just the right amount of page assets catered to what you need. We offer an ever-evolving template base with around 50 templates to choose from for your website, from every niche you can imagine. On top of that, you can expect one new template from us every week!

In order to participate like Artbees on Facebook and follow artbees_design on Twitter! Tweet about this giveaway with #JupiterV5 hashtag and leave a comment below on why you think JupiterV5 will be useful to you or which template best suits your project or niche.

The giveaway starts on  March 28, 2016 and will end on April 4, 2016.
There will be 5 randomly chosen winners.

Win Your Jupiter V5 Theme Here!

Best of luck!


Christine is an avid dabbler in subject matters decidedly outside of her expertise and have spent the last year and a half, in particular, delving into the world of online marketing and all things WordPress-related. Having filled the shoes of freelancer, entrepreneur, consultant, and previous worker bee who was not all that technologically gifted, she's a strong advocate for website design solutions that are accessible and approachable to a wide spectrum of professional and technical backgrounds.


  1. arjun Reply

    I would be extremely happy to buy this theme ! The price is pretty low for such a theme with this much features but im a student and dont earn much online as i just started . This theme suits all sites and niches and this is only theme that got my attention ! I really like the clear and bod blog style and the calisto template , i recently entered the giveaway on other sites but wasn’t lucky enough. Hoping to be lucky this time..
    Btw thanks webdesignlegder for this much expected giveaway !! 🙂

  2. mywebstuff.hq Reply

    I love this theme and the tons of options it presents. Since a lot of my work needs to be done fast it would be awesome if I could just simply choose one of these themes and just go with it. If it will be as easy to use as described I would totally buy it, too. 🙂

  3. Ágnes Papp Reply

    Since I’m a designer it is very important for me to give clients everything they need in order for them to have a successful online campaign. Since I’m also a beginner in WordPress having pre-made elements that look already great means that I have to work less, and still be able to make them appealing. If the theme will be as usable as stated I’ll surely concider buying it. I hope I will win.

  4. Mate Reply

    I would build my portfolio page with the help of this awesome WP template. *.* Anyway, Christine Taylor we should go out on a date… for real! You look supercute 😀

  5. arjun Reply

    Got the email i’m extremely thanks full to you guys <3 🙂 . Feeling so much blessed today !! 😀 Thanks Webdesignledger.

  6. mywebstuff.hq Reply

    I have liked their facebook site, followed them on twitter, tweeted about them and wrote a comment here, and there are only 4 of us in this race. Wasn’t all this enogh to win? 🙁

  7. Mate Reply

    Hey Pal! I’m a bit sad too, but anyway this Christine Taylor chick rocks, I’m in love for real *.* I choose the date instead of the template.

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