April 23, 2024

LG UltraWide™ Festival – $10k Dream Canvas Prize

LG UltraWide™ Festival Our environment affects so many aspects of our day-to-day life. For designers, overall productivity and the creative process can be heavily swayed by their workstation. Similar to painters of the past, who needed a brush and canvas to create their masterpieces, designers in the digital age need the right tools to bring their visions to life. A quick glance at any designers desk and you’ll find similar tools: a mouse instead of a brush, the computer and external storage, and the center of it all – the monitor. The right monitor, much like a good sketchbook for a painter, is a critical part of any designers environment, improving the productivity and accuracy of their workflow.

No stranger to the needs of digital creatives, LG introduced the world’s first 21:9 ratio monitor. Now, LG is upping their game, introducing a brand new larger 21:9 monitor with a 38” screen that reflects the needs of today’s digital designer. To celebrate, LG is hosting a creative competition to giveaway the perfect designer workstation worth $10,000. Not bad, right?

LG UltraWideTM Festival 2016 – Dream Canvas

LG UltraWideTM Festival reflects LG UltraWide Monitor’s desire to make your digital life wider, more fun, and more convenient. The online event supports your digital life dreams with a new theme every time.

At LG’s 2015 UltraWide Festival – Dream Setup, 3 YouTube tech stars helped bring the dream computer setup of 3 contestants to life. This year, with the 21:9 UltraWide’s expansive canvas as a stage LG’s is kicking off their second UltraWideTM Festival, geared specifically toward fierce designers, photographers, and creators full of creative passion. Anyone can easily enter this event by submitting an original 21:9 ratio image. The festival entries will be judged by three well-known and respected creators in design, photography and illustration.

LG UltraWideTM Festival Judges

1st Round

To enter the 1st round participants need to create and share a 21:9 image on their social media channels with the hashtags #LGUltraWideFestival, #DreamCanvas2016, #38UC99. From here, copy the link to your social media post and submit it on the Dream Canvas Campaign website where the judges will review your work. The 15 finalists who pass the 1st round will be awarded the very latest LG UltraWide 38” IPS USB-C monitor 38UC99.

LG UltraWide™ Monitor

Final Round

In the second and final round, the 15 finalists will be tasked with making a 3840 x 1600 px wallpaper creation that would fill up the UltraWide 38UC99 monitor. The 21:9 wallpaper artworks of each finalist will be made available for download from the campaign website during the judging process.

The winner will be chosen based on a combination of judges’ scores, public download, and LG’s in-house evaluation team scores. Here’s what the final winner will receive:

  • Create the workstation of your dreams with $10,000 worth of Dream Creative Desk Gear, in a combination of the winner’s choosing. Yep, $10,000 worth!
  • The winner’s work will be posted on the official Dream Canvas Campaign website, shared socially and displayed in global media outlets.
  • The winner’s work will be showcased at the LG exhibition booth in the world’s biggest consumer electronics show, CES, in Las Vegas 2017!


As a canvas and vital tool for an artist to convey his vision, LG’s 38UC99 UltraWideTM monitor is a dream canvas for all designers. The submission period is from Sept. 21st to Oct. 4th. Visit the campaign website now.

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