April 19, 2024
Liquid Creative

Liquid Creative Teaches Us Adaptability AOTW#13

When working on a project for a client, you need to know two things: the client is always right, and the client is mostly never right. People come to you with pre-made ideas, expecting you to get the job done. Your creative mind is visualizing the clients’ requests, and many times, they simply make no sense. This is the moment when your design skills come in action. You need to design not only what your clients may possibly want, but also your words. You have to choose with great care your tone and words so that in the end, your client will believe that everything you said was their ideas. This is Liquid Creative comes along. In their studio, adaptability is a keyword and a principle. Let’s know them better!


You know how children usually get very attached by grandparents? They say older people learn to have more patience with grandchildren due to their long experience in dealing with people. We believe that the same principle applies to designers and design studios. At first, as a designer, you are more prone to snap when your client tells you that your work is nothing close to what they asked for. As years pass by, you learn how to understand the client better, what questions to ask, and how to make a client aware of their impossible expectations. Liquid Creative is a design agency based in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, with an experience in the field of over 19 years.

“Liquid Creative” symbolizes our fluidity and adaptability in all projects, with all clients – from healthcare to start-ups and non-profits…and beyond! Our goal is to offer a full team of professionals who can provide any branding service a client requires. We have a very talented team with diverse backgrounds and skills that can do just that! We write, design, strategize, place media, program websites, photograph, create video, manage production, create branded interiors and account for it all in one building. It’s teamwork at its best!

Liquid Creative’s work is divided into several categories. Below, we have cataloged them, and an important project that will showcase their work better. If you like their work and would like to get in contact with the studio, you can easily contact them at this email address¬†info@liquid-creative.com.


IDKAYS Design Projects

Liquid Creative


Jackson Eye Associates Full Service

Liquid Creative


Copper Sculptures Website

Liquid Creative


Liquid Creative PR Video

Liquid Creative


Martin’s Downtown Social Media

Liquid Creative


Children’s Advocacy Centers of Mississippi
Liquid Creative


GI Associates Decor

Liquid Creative

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