June 19, 2024

November 14th hosts Madison PHP Conference in Wisconsin

PHP developers around the world tend to enjoy their meetups and conferences. There are dozens of events focused on various frameworks like Laravel, CMS’s like WordPress, and of course some traditional PHP work.

Madison PHP Conference is a one-day event taking place on November 14th in Madison, WI. The 2015 event is scheduled to have a number of great topics including Joomla!, WordPress, and PHP7.

While it is only a single day there’s sure to be a whole lot of info jam-packed into various sessions. Take a look over the full event schedule for more info.

Like most great conferences there will be free food/drinks, interesting conversations, and even some neat products like stickers or t-shirts.

If you’d be interested then definitely check out the Madison PHP conf website to learn more about tickets and arrival times.

The event also has a Meetup page and an official Twitter account @MadisonPHP.

Madison PHP Conference site

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