July 22, 2024

MailThis.to converts HTML Forms into E-mails for Free

To build your own backend e-mail script requires some understanding of a programming language like PHP or RoR. It’s not exactly hard, but for a newbie it’s not exactly easy either.

Often times developers rely on pre-built scripts made for sending SMTP e-mails. These can work great but also require some complications when it comes to error handling & file uploads.

Now there’s an even easier way to go using the MailThis webapp. It’s a completely free tool which takes requests from any HTML form and converts all the data into a lovely e-mail.

MailThis forms webapp

You simply code up an HTML form on the frontend and set it to POST submission. The action attribute should point towards MailThis following the syntax http://mailthis.to/you@mail.com. When the user submits a form it’ll go through MailThis where everything gets processed & e-mailed directly to your inbox.

There’s no need for any backend development or complicated libraries on your server. The entire backend submission process is handled through MailThis without any complications.

If you’re curious check out the documentation page for more info. This page covers everything you’d need to setup special HTML header info like reply-to data.

There’s no denying that many developers would rather keep everything local on their own server. But if you’re curious to try new web applications it seems MailThis could be an excellent way to go for simple mailing features – no backend knowledge required.


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