July 18, 2024

Marketer Cheats his Field With Design – Creates 15 Logos in 15 Days

Robert Katai’s first contact with the design was back in the days when Photoshop was a fun tool, used essentially for liquifying friends’ faces. We’ve all been there, on either one of the teams – the liquefiers or the liquified.

The first time I opened a design program was way back when Photoshop was only for liquifying your friends faces and edit some photos of  your crush’s in high school.

Since then, he has come a long way and today he’s a visual marketer and content strategist at Bannersnack. Even though he didn’t follow the design path as a career, he finds joy in creating something visually beautiful from scratch from time to time.

He enjoys experimenting and challenging himself, hence, he decided to start 15 days dare: to create each day a logo for a marketing buzzword.

“As every marketer who wants to do something new, something different and crazy, I thought about starting a 15 days challenge and design some marketing logos.”

Throughout the process, Robert has asked for the opinion of his fellow designers but even though he received some suggestions he decided to leave his logos chiseled.

Well, I don’t want to make them perfect. Because I’m a marketer, not a designer!

Check out Robert’s gallery of 15 marketing logos! Let us know what you think.


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  1. Steve Menard Reply

    Sort of what you’d expect for 15 logos in 15 days by someone whose forte lies in another field. Better than a lot of stuff you see out there on commercial signs in small-town main streets, but still a ways to go before reaching the level of design that those who make a living at it can produce. Please try not to take these comments as dismissive… I’d be the first to admit that the first 15 songs I composed once learning the basics of guitar would by any means be Grammy-calibre.

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