June 2, 2023

TemplateMonster Giveaway: Become 1 of 10 Happy Owners of the Monstroid Theme

In one of our previous posts we spoke about the release of the universal, multi-purpose WordPress theme for everyone under the powerful name Monstroid. This time we are back with great news from TemplateMonster! Now you have a unique opportunity to get this all-inclusive WordPress package for FREE.

Template Monster Monstroid giveaway

A Couple of Words about the Prize

Monstroid is a ready-to-go WordPress theme that can be used for literally any purpose (blog, portfolio, online store, corporate site, etc.). No matter how skilled you are, with the help of this template you can bring your site live without the help of experienced programmers.

Monstroid comes loaded with a rich assortment of functionality that will make it possible to tweak the design and manage settings intuitively, by simply dragging and dropping.

  • In addition to the standard set of WordPress features, TemplateMonster’s developers did their best to pack this theme with unique functionality that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. For instance, the installation of the theme has become much simpler and more intuitive thanks to the Monstroid Wizard. Shortcode Template Editor allows you to create and edit your own shortcode templates from the simple dashboard. Static Area Builder is a drag and drop tool that makes it easier to place static page elements just the way you wish. Premium MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider are also included in the package.
  • The thing that is worthy of your special attention is the rich variety of child themes that are packaged with Monstroid. When downloading this WordPress monster you will get unlimited access to a variety of other cool designs that can add more style and personality to your online project. The gallery is updated with 15 new topics monthly.
  • Monstroid is WooCommerce ready. The template includes a set of pre-designed product pages. Just replace the default content with your products and launch your store hassle-free. All of the Monstroid child themes come with WooCommerce support, though these don’t include pre-designed product pages. However, with the quick customization of any template from the pack you will get a fully-featured online store.
  • Together with a number of user- and developer-oriented features, Monstroid comes with free 24/7 support either via online chat that it available right from the dashboard or by submitting a ticket. The response time has been reduced to 2 hours!

How to Win?

To get Monstroid for free, you won’t need to do anything extraordinary.

  • Go to templatemonster.com, view Monstroid details and live demo.
  • Pick the feature that you enjoy the most and explain why in the comments below.

That’s it!


  • The giveaway starts on September 9 2015 and will be running through September 15 2015.
  • We will pick 10 winners randomly. Every winner will get one Monstroid license.
  • Please make sure that you comment with your real email address, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you regarding the prize.

Don’t miss your chance to get the unique, multi-purpose WordPress theme from TemplateMonster for free!



  1. Webdesign Stuttgart Reply

    I like the variety of templates, each month new designs and child themes. And you become a lot of stuff and updates with that great template.

  2. Stefano Creativo Reply

    Just like this theme, I’ll exaggerate by reporting about three of the advanced features that seem very interesting to try out.

    Shortcode Templater: I basically love shortcodes, and this is on my top 10 list of features.
    Dynamic CSS: huge step forward templates customization, IMHO.

    CSS Compile/Minify: having used quite a number of third party solutions and CDNs related, I feel that a theme with feature included is definitely worth more than a simple try.


  3. Stefano Reply

    The best feature? Lifetime updates. This template is really a monster, with so many child themes and features. It can be anything, the limit is only your imagination and having regular updates is a must if you don’t want only a template but a secure investment for the future of your website.

    Buy once, love it forever 😉

    Great job guys!!!

  4. Matteo Bagni Reply

    It has everything you need, to do everything you want! and the icing is the lifetime support/updates! 1 monster for endless beautiful creatures!

  5. Rest Eze Digital Reply

    Wow! So many great options to choose from. Of course I love the lifetime
    support from within the dashboard, that’s awesome, but I’m also very
    intrigued by the animation that I saw on some of the templates. That is something I have yet to master and would love to incorporate into my website. Terrific work guys, you built a hell of a theme!

  6. Rick Sans Reply

    I like there are so many options for the home page. Usually there is only 1 or 2 options, but this gives considerable flexibility to have something you can make unique and not look like the rest of the web. I’m truely excited for this theme and I think it will redefine WP theme development. Great job

  7. Carlos Gutierrez Reply

    I like the flexibility this theme have, all the demos are different in design, structure and content and they fit perfectly in all the scenarios. This is one of the mos complete and awesome themes we can find, a lot of themes have a lot of limits in the design and content structure for persons with no programming skill but this theme is so flexible that everybody can get a great and beautiful website just using a demo structure and changing the content.

  8. Rajni Setia Reply

    I guess I need not talk in length about the theme as you guys have done an amazing job explaining every bit of why it is the best pick. All I want to say is I want this superb theme with oodle of user-friendly features 🙂

  9. Neal Umphred Reply

    Well, as someone with three sites in search of a new look and who is often baffled by the technical side of themes (and can’t waste endless hours researching issues), the fact that Monstroid offers round-the-clock support with a 2-4 hour response to user questions is a BIG plus to me!

  10. PakosX Reply

    I like the overall feel and look of the theme, but what really amazes me is the number of included plugins that seem to make the difference. I think I won’t need to search for & install any other 3d party plugin ever again…

  11. age401 Reply

    Well, it’s hard to pick a winner, it looks like it’s a bundle of a lot of good and useful stuff. I particularly liked the highlight of the menu-customization plug-in. Menu customization / creation / etc has always been a real pain in WordPress. The layouts don’t hurt either. 😀

  12. Rob G Reply

    Monstroid has an incredible number of excellent features, but I if I have to pick one — I like the skin switcher or may be the Motopress Content Builder.

  13. Brigit Elizondo Reply

    I work in the non-profit sector and see many of our organizations that have outdated websites. They are unable to fulfill their missions so I had been looking for something easy to create and it looks like this could be the start of making the world a better place by giving these non-profits a better voice. Easily create responsive sites, animation that will catch an eye and perhaps convert a visitor to a donor. Being able to change the layout to suit preference all while maintaining functionality with that coolness factor. And it includes e-commerce too? enabling some organizations to branch out to other areas. But most of all, a lot of things there are items I always wanted to do, but just didn’t know how – now its made easy.

  14. Rob van Gils Reply

    Whow this is mucht better looking than DIVI from Elegant themes, so much more and then woocommere integrated within this them

  15. SavvyTheme Reply

    Lifetime access to theme’s updates, fresh child theme releases can be considered as Monstroid’s main advantage since most other competitors are offering limited time support and updates.

  16. Zhanysh Reply

    Бесплатные пожизненные обновления и много полезных плагинов – все, что нужно для создания хорошего сайта.

  17. spoon Reply

    Lifetime support and the flexibility for the template to grow as my site evolves into much more. What started out as a small blog is turning into a small business and I need a template that can keep up with me. The short codes will make my life a lot easier when i need to create on the fly.

  18. Steve Robillard Reply

    I like the skin switcher so i can make the website match my application for a more seamless trust building experience.

  19. Woerdesign Reply

    Like the skin switcher, fast change look of site, and the mega-menu – easily generate rich content. Also the slider options, great! And not to forget to (although there are a lot of plugins) the speed of the template!

  20. Darren Casey - Photo Reply

    Without a doubt the responsive layout is a great element but the game changer is the motopress plugin. No more restrictive layouts for less than advanced users of wordpress. Not all clients are Web pros. Nice one TM

  21. J Sturgis Reply

    I had Monstroid in my cart during the prelaunch but didn’t pull the trigger because I was fully vested in Joomla. I regret it because Monstroid could totally make me switch to WordPress. I love the active development of the child themes and the motopress slider is an awesome addition, but the best feature hands down is the lifetime support and updates!

  22. Ирма Reply

    Magnificent functionality
    of this template provides unlimited opportunities for creativity!

    I was very impressed with
    the options to create different galleries and job options the

  23. Warasdinerart Reply

    It is hard to pick one solo feature. Monstroid is loaded with really awesome stuff: Multiple layouts, 15 premium extensions, tons of psd files, shortcode templater, styles… Great job!

  24. Григорий Данилюк Reply

    Долго искал подходящий шаблон для своего сайта на WordPress, но не знал насколько он подойдет под мою тему “Интернет-бизнес и информационный маркетинг в сети”. Ваш шаблон, по-моему, как раз подходит по всем параметрам! Конечно, очень бы хотелось иметь профессиональный шаблон для своего сайта на WordPress. Начинать свой бизнес с создания сайта с прекрасным дизайном, с адаптированным шаблоном под все форматы. Буду надеяться на удачу!

  25. Robert Forrest Reply

    The best feature with Monstroid is that it will render and scale on any possible screen. That’s huge seeing how they keep coming out with different size screens like the apple watch, was wondering how I was going to handle that… Now I know, good job…

  26. Robert Nichols Reply

    Pretty happy with the fact that I keep finding new and different ways to customize things. Monstroid as a multitool theme is so useful because the tools themselves actually have weight and make a difference, thus making nearly endless possibilities with both creativity and utility.

  27. Jimmy Burt Reply

    I really like the static area builder. Having simple control of a set area is something I have struggled with on several sites in the past. I’m looking forwwward to that feature most.

  28. nagarjun rao Reply

    Monstroid makes designing wordpress sites more interesting and fun.The best thing about Monstroid is the diversity of the skins,shortcodes and sliders they offer.And the unique life time free support is really appreciable.

  29. Feemina Reply

    The choice is difficult . There are so many great things ! But I like best : Support . And a desire I have : And that I wish : German Translations

  30. Steve Silverton Reply

    The amount of blood, sweat and tears that has gone into getting Monstroid to the release stage is definitely not reflected in the final price. I know it will save me time and make my next WordPress site a pleasure to build. Monstroid would still be a bargain at twice the price.

  31. jeff cooper Reply

    The 15 extensions were well chosen, and the clear commitment to support and ongoing updatesmake this a particularly compelling offer

  32. Carmine Santangelo Reply

    What can I say about this revolutionary tool? Monstroid is the best package ever made and I’m very excited with this possibility to have it in my hands for free!

  33. Heshan Perera Reply

    I like the drag and drop which is easy for any one with the minimal knowledge to design own web site. Hope this will be the revolution.. Thanks making it easier…

  34. César Piñeiro Reply

    With Monstroid I can make a spectacular web site, there are no barriers to the design and included online store. This is great!

  35. Greg Fuller Reply

    It’s not that there is just one great feature to be enjoyed its the fact that the theme encompasses everything you can possibly want to be doing without having to be a wiz kid on website building.
    For years now I have been struggling to put all these various components together, but here they are all packed up together with great integration. What i would have given to have this tool only 2 years ago – this allows you to start at the basics and grow with your own imagination as your limitation.
    Well done all of you for putting it together so nicely, and by the sound of it with great and timely support.
    Think you may have persuaded me to move from genesis framework!! Found this just in time to for starting another site – Thank you webdesignledger

  36. sunita mazumdar Reply

    It has every feature which a website require so it’s hard to say anyone of them but I sort some of them
    1. Clean and crisp design
    2. Moto press editor
    3. And the faith which we all have in templatemonster

  37. Svetlana Reply

    This template has so many features, which will help you to customize it for all your needs. My favourite ones are responsive design and premium MotoPress editor.

  38. Jana Reply

    I would luv to have the Monstroid Theme! Its clean cut responsive design and easy to use features will make it time sufficient and make my next website a pleasure to build. The child themes and life time free support is really the best features in my opinion. Pick Me, Pick Me! 🙂

  39. Alejandro Sanchez Reply

    Gotta say it looks good: responsive design, drag and drop builder, seo optimized, motopress editor.
    I’m a developer and I find this very very cool and comfortable! It will certainly let me save valuable time!

  40. Vassilis Reply

    I love that the template is fully compatible with WooCommerce, and comes with a set of product pages and also the 24/7/365 support that it rocks!!! Great job!!!!

  41. Edwin Duque Reply

    The result is far from imagining something more than what could conceive see in the behavior of a web page. I had to see it several times, because I had the feeling that I was watching a multimedia presentation, not a website.

  42. Vassilis Poulias Reply

    I love that the template is fully compatible with WooCommerce, and comes with a set of product pages and also the 24/7/365 support that it rocks!!! Great job!!!!

  43. Ricardo Rubio Reply

    It’s awesome the tremendous amount of child themes that you have been developed and continue to develop in the future, this makes Monstroid a unique theme.
    I love the MotoPress Editor and MotoPress Slider beacause of the amount of time they save you.
    With such a variety of templates on the market it is hard to be impressed with something, but Monstroid impressed me.

  44. Jose Reply

    In my career as a designer and developer I had never seen such a complete and with all the features in one package tool definitely Monstroid I prefer because of its simplicity and versatility I can not ask for more . Has all the features seem to be fully useful and multipurpose to provide our customers with excellence projects . Thank Template Monster innovate these products that make us easier work .

  45. André Taranto Reply

    As a Graphic Designer, I don’t want to waste my time dealing with code, but I need to have freedom to modify the theme easily. That’s why I consider the MOTOPRESS EDITOR the best feature of the Monstroid theme. Congratulations for the great theme, Template Monster!

  46. Anna Pz Reply

    I love how simple and easy to use and configure it seems even for a non profesional like me. No coding and
    drag&drop is awesome! It has everything i could ask for, support
    included. Amazing!

  47. David Freedman Reply

    The 10 winners on “TemplateMonster Giveaway: Become 1 of 10 Happy Owners of the Monstroid Theme” are:

    1) Carmine Santangelo:

    2) Greg Fuller:

    3) spoon:

    4) Krista A

    5) Feemina:

    6) Woerdesign:

    7) Rob van Gils:

    8) Rest Eze Digital:

    9) Tech Training:

    10) Carlos Gutierrez:

    Monstroid will be emailing you with the promo codes

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