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WordPress and State of the Word 2015

Recently, the inaugural WordCamp US was held in Philadelphia, wherein Matt Mullenweg delivered his 10th annual State of the Word address. A lot many things were mentioned in State of the Word 2015 by Mullenweg, with the highlight of the speech being the fact that WordPress now powers over 25% of the internet.


Dropbox Announces Mailbox and Carousel Will Shutdown In 2016

Dropbox has announced that it will be shutting down its photo and email apps Mailbox and Carousel. After acquiring the startups, Mailbox in 2013 and Carousel in 2014 shortly after, Dropbox is already shifting away from both apps less than three years later. Dropbox has decided to focus on a different set of products. The…


Lightroom Release Free for Android

Everyone with an Android device can now look forward to the excellent editing and synchronizing of photo files that come with Adobe Lightroom. Adobe released Lightroom for Android version 1.4, with a free subscription for Android mobile users. Take advantage of the free trial by signing up or logging into a Creative Cloud account. The…


Mutative Design: design methodology to keep users engaged for a lifetime

Meet project Phoebe, a design concept introduced a the first iteration of mutative design, a design methodology that would UI be created and evolve according to a user. with mutative design interfaces would evolve or “mutate” independent on the user’s need or actions. The design could change and be affected by whether the user’s vision,…


ICYMI: Weekly Ledger 4

In case you missed it: last week’s top web design news compiled by web designers for web designers only on This Week in Web Design Be Careful About These 6 Web Design Trends in 2016 Trends in web design, like fashion trends, come and go. Sometimes trends are dictated by necessity (like responsive design). Other…


CSSDA’s 2015 Website of the Year

Every year CSSDA awards a trophy to honor the best and most outstanding web design and development of the year. This year that award was given to Weber – BBQ Cultures, Weber, a brand known for the design and production of it’s grills that its websites launched a recent campaign titled “Come on Over”. The…


How Will HTTP/2 Change How We Build the Web

Every web application that powers the web, CSS, HTML, and JS is about to get turn on its head with the introduction of HTTP/2. The basic of HTTP/2 are simple and yet amazing. It is much more efficient in comparison to HTTP/1.1, which only allowed for each connection to a server to handle one request….

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