July 18, 2024

Nightwatch.js allows for easy Node.js Testing

If you run a Node.js app then it’s likely you’ve needed to run testing at some point. This can be done using a myriad of libraries, but a new contender named Nightwatch.js has recently drawn attention.

This is a completely open source project made for End-to-End testing on Node.js apps. Nightwatch runs on the Selenium WebDriver API to perform specific commands on the DOM itself.

Here are just a few features offered by Nightwatch:

  • CLI test runner
  • Syntax cleanup
  • Selenium server controls
  • JUnit XML reporting
  • Easy extensibility

If you learn how to use Nightwatch it can be an incredibly powerful platform. You’ll be able to test any sort of user interaction or behavior on the page while also recording the results.

Nightwatch.js testing webapp

To get started visit the API reference and skim through the setup material.

You’ll find a complete download available from the Nightwatch.js GitHub repo.

And to stay on top of new updates you can follow Nightwatch on Twitter @nightwatchjs.

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