May 25, 2024

Two days of Node & JavaScript at Nodevember in Nashville

One of the fastest-growing segments of the development field is JavaScript, both frontend + backend with libraries like Node.js.

It seems there are more jobs than ever before looking to hire JavaScript developers for all purposes. Now that mobile games can also be written in JavaScript, it seems that JS code has moved into a multipurpose field of interest.

Nodevember is an annual JS/Node event that occurs every year in November. In 2015 it’ll appear in Nashville, Tennessee running from November 14th-15th. This two-day event is packed with incredible speakers like Douglas Crockford of PayPal & Soledad Penadés of Mozilla.

Check out the event homepage to get a look at the 30+ different speakers who will be in attendance.

As of this writing there are still some tickets available, but they’re likely to sell out quick so grab yours while you still can!

To learn more you can visit the official Facebook page or follow the event on Twitter @nodevember.

Nodevember also has a YouTube channel with select talks uploaded from past events.

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