April 23, 2024

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to offset paths in Adobe Illustrator.

Download Adobe Illustrator.

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  1. aly Reply

    Thanks for sharing! The offset path in the appearances panel is my fav–you can offset paths and if you change the original path, it automatically changes the offset paths too!

  2. WoudiniX Reply

    While working with effects like “round corners” in version CS6 i have to use “object -> apply appearance” afterwards. Otherwise the object path won’t adjust to the new shape and i get weird results when using functions like “path offset”.
    Just in case other people run into the same issue.

  3. WoudiniX Reply

    In Illustrator CS6 i get weird results when using path-offset on a rectangle with an “round corners” effect. The result is a new rectangle with offset 10px but “round corners” that also have a radius of 30px (effect doesn’t scale). The only option to get this work (as far as i currently know) is to first adjust the path to the new shape “object -> apply appearance”. But that makes the “round corners” effect final and seems to have rounding-effects for the new path, because using an path-offset results in minor gaps between the rectangles round corners.

    So is there something i am doing basically wrong ?

  4. Abir Zabed Reply

    A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing! The balance way in the appearances board is you can balance ways and on the off chance that you change the first way, it consequently changes the balance ways as well!

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