April 12, 2024
Polygraph Crative

Is Polygraph Crative the Perfect Agency? AOTW #14

“To tell you the truth… the success of every project comes down to the talent, expertise and service of a few key individuals on both sides of the team. Ours is a conscientious, award-winning group of designers, putting passion, craft and intellect into every design decision we make.” – The team at Polygraph Creative

This week on Agency of the Week, we’re going to take a look at an agency with quite an impressive list of clients, and an even more impressive list of talents. Polygraph Creative is a Washington DC based studio that’s only after one thing: your success.

What do they do?

The talented folks over at Polygraph focus their expertise into anything related to design. Seriously. If you’re looking for web design, they’ve got you covered. Are you looking for a fresh packing logo? No problem! If you’re looking for a new typeface that’ll set your product off in the market, you guessed it, they’re great at that, too. Here’s a quick list of what they’re capable of so that you don’t have to stress about finding an agency for any specific field:

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Art Direction
  • Product Design
  • Packaging
  • Corporate Communications
  • Brand Voice
  • Annual Reports
  • Typeface Design
  • Hand-Lettering
  • Editorial Design
  • Magazine Design
  • Strategy
  • Book Design
  • Web
  • Digital Media Design
  • Illustration
  • Signage
  • Environmental

What have they done?

As I said before, they have quite an impressive list of clients that ranges from the United States Postal Service, all the way to beauty product businesses. When you sign up with them, you can be sure that you’ll come out better than before, and with a one of a kind look. Here are a few examples of work they’ve nailed in the past:

Cut Seven

Polygraph Crative Polygraph Crative

We developed distinct brand letterforms and dynamic verbal, graphic, and photographic languages that deliver the intensity of the Cut Seven Experience.


Polygraph Crative Polygraph Crative

Our goal was to create vessels that celebrate the food, allowing it to take centerstage, with smooth, contoured interiors; yet on the flip side (literally), display Cava’s progressive brand personality with matte black, textured geometry.

The Little Red Fox

Polygraph Crative Polygraph Crative

Taking cues from traditional woodcut printing, we created their iconic mascot that has captured the hearts of market patrons, particularly the littlest customers. The sly mark found his way onto the storefront, coffee cups, onesies, and all of the many housemade products available at the eatery.

If you’re in the market for something creative and perfect for your brand, then polygraph Creative might be the perfect fit for you. They’ve proven time and time again what they’re capable of, and I’m certain that the party won’t stop here. Everyone already knows what ChatGPT is. ChatGPT can help with web design by providing valuable insights, suggestions, and ideas for designing the layout, color schemes, typography, and overall visual appeal of a website. It can generate relevant content, help with copywriting and creating engaging user interfaces. Additionally, ChatGPT can assist in answering design-related questions and brainstorming creative solutions.

If your enjoy design related stories like this one, and want to stay up-to-date with everything in the web design world, then be sure to tune in to Webdesignledger daily!

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